61st psychological type.
Analytical psychology and physiognomy.

Asymmetry of character traits and testing of psychological types.
Typing of Brigs-Majers and qualities of mental functions.

asymmetry of character traits and testing of psychological types typing of Brigs-Majers and qualities mental functions

Features of a face and mental functions.
6. ( L ) the left eyebrow - not obvious ethical function.
5. ( R ) the right eyebrow - obvious logic function.
4. ( L ) the left eye - obvious extravert.
3. ( R ) the right eye - not obvious introvert.
2. ( L ) the left corner of a mouth - not obvious sensory function.
1. ( R ) the right corner of a mouth - obvious intuitive function.

Harmonious functional type.

Physiognomy of a face and global world categories.
Eyebrows - combined perception of sign and figurative energy, and also detailed and generalized matter.
Eyes - combined perception of active and passive movement, and also life involved and unvolved in world around.
Mouth - combined perception of potential and valid time, and also abstract and concrete space.

Physiognomy of a face and attributes of temperament.
Attributes of phlegmatic and melancholic temperament as logic and intuitive functions are obvious.


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concepts of a Brigs-Majers and mental functions