62nd psychological type.
Analytical psychology and physiognomy.

Analytical psychology and qualities of temperament.
Physiognomy and qualities of psychological types.

analytical psychology and qualities of temperament physiognomy and qualities of psychological types

Features of a face and mental functions.
6. ( L ) the left eyebrow - obvious ethical function;
5. ( R ) the right eyebrow - not obvious logic function.
4. ( L ) the left eye - not obvious extravert.
3. ( R ) the right eye - obvious introvert.
2. ( L ) the left corner of a mouth - obvious sensory function.
1. ( R ) the right corner of a mouth - not obvious intuitive function.

Harmonious functional type.

Physiognomy of a face and global world categories.
Eyebrows - combined perception of figurative and sign energy, and also generalized and detailed matter.
Eyes - combined perception of passive and active movement, and also life unvolved and involved in world around.
Mouth - combined perception of valid and potential time, and also concrete and abstract space.

Physiognomy of a face and attributes of temperament.
Attributes of choleric and sanguine temperament as ethical and sensory functions are obvious.


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