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The second page represents esoteric concepts which are necessary for understanding of psychological processes which result from divinations and predictions.


Esoteric concepts of divinations.
Instructions of predictions.

Divinations or predictions are complex actions as a result of divinations there are complex processes which are not supervised by a man, but nevertheless for realization of divinations is necessary to understand essence of occurring processes that uncontrollable processes did not contradict human consciousness.
As a result of divinations a man aspires to receive answers to the questions or tries to find out prospective variants for development of a situation, but in any case a man aspires to understand events which will occur in the future. And also a man wishes to have confidence for correctness of own actions in the present that events had desirable consequences in the future.
In essence a man assumes the future events and predicts realization of own aspirations which define an essence of set questions.
If to consider human aspirations from the point of view of psychology then it is possible to speak that aspirations can be caused by logic or ethical or sensory or intuitive perception of the world. Namely psychological features of people can be different but in any case human aspirations are significant and have values, and accordingly answers can be given on any questions which are significant for a man.
And also a man can perceive answers according to logic or ethical or sensory or intuitive perception of the world.
Logic, ethical, intuitive, sensory psychological functions are necessary to understand in a context of analytical psychology.


A man receives answers by means of symbols and words which from the view point of actual consciousness are casual combinations of signs, but from the esoteric view point the answers proceed from the information field in which there is information on the past, the present and the future. Namely there is information on the past and the present states of the man and also there is information on the probable states which in the future can take place as a result of changes of the current states.
The information field has characteristics and submits to information laws which cannot be broken the same as it is impossible to break laws of mathematics or psychology. As if information laws are broken then the reference to the information field can be incorrect the same as there can be incorrect mathematical decisions.
Laws of information very complex and consequently can not be finally clear but if address to the information field as to alive object and address as to themselves then information laws can be observed and as a result true information decisions can be received. It does not mean that as a result of a divination the man addresses to itself as the information field exists irrespective of the man but the personal relation to the information field allows to not break laws of an information.
It is possible to imagine that your question is the question which is given to you and then it is possible to estimate a correctness of the question and it is possible to estimate probable answers the same as it is possible to estimate probable answers to questions which someone another addresses to you. For example, if someone asks you and you answer but asking does not accept the answer and continues to ask then you should assert the previous answer or to give the new answer which again can suit or not suit for asking, and in summary there is an infringement of information laws. Or if the question is formulated incorrectly then it is difficult for you to give a right answer but you should answer, and as a result there is an infringement of information laws.
There are many nuances of dialogue with the information field, which are so numerous as nuances of usual human dialogue and consequently at the reference to the information field there can be a misunderstanding the same as usual human dialogue results in misunderstanding if laws of an information are broken. But if laws of information are not broken then the information field can analyze the past and choose the most probable variants for development of situations in the future, and also can compare answers to psychological features of a man.

If laws of information are not broken then answers of the information field can be very exact. But it is necessary to take into account that divinations are carried out not only by human consciousness which should observe information laws, but also divinations are carried out by a human spirit for which the main value is creation of a human soul.
The soul is formed at interaction of spirit with a body, namely the soul arises when the spirit cooperates with logic, ethical, intuitive and sensory psychological functions which make the psycho-physiological body. Aspirations of a body sometimes can not correspond to spiritual values and consequently answers of the information field can deny aspirations of a body as the human spirit is the primary value for the information field and the psycho-physiological body has less important value. Hence, from set of probable answers the information field chooses that answer which does not contradict the human spirit and promotes creation of the human soul and by that corresponds to correct parameters of destiny that can contradict aspirations of the psycho-physiological body. That is the spirit influences a psycho-physiological essence for the sake of creation of the human soul and consequently answers of the information field, which has a spiritual nature, can not contradict spirit though can contradict aspirations of a body.
If aspirations of a body prevail of spiritual values then the man can not perceive the information field and can not realize answers. Then the man interprets results of divinations from the view point of own logic and intuition which are parameters of the psycho-physiological body, but in result there is a distortion of the information. That is the man can explain results of divinations by means of the logic or the intuition but these explanations are not valid as if divinations are determined by the logic or by the intuition then answer for needs of the psycho-physiological body and not always can be acceptable for the human spirit.

In order to results of divinations have answered spiritual values and have determined correct parameters of destiny it is necessary to identify the human spirit and to address questions to a spiritual essence which does not depend on aspirations of a body. And also it is necessary to understand that the information field is the intermediary for dialogue with the Spirit of Truth which aspires to creation of the human soul and predetermines events which sometimes contradict aspirations of the psycho-physiological body.
The additional information on concepts of the Spirit, Soul and Body, and also the information about the Spirit of Truth look on pages of this site in the section which is named: divine categories.
When speak that the predicted events do not come true then it is necessary to take into account that the man hopes for realization of desirable events and has freedom of will (free will) for realization of desirable events. But freedom is a comprehended necessity (necessity of spiritual development) for the Spirit of Truth and consequently the information field can not give answers which contradict spirit, but if the man does not realize spirit there can not be events which are predicted by the Spirit.
If the Spirit of Truth is known then the man realizes minority of the psycho-physiological body in comparison with human spirit but by means of the logic or the intuition perceives answers which are received as a result of references to the Spirit of Truth.
If aspirations of the psycho-physiological body do not contradict spirit then the predicted events are carried out and creation of the human soul is executed. That is if the man addresses to the Spirit of Truth and if the man is ready to execute the prediction (prophecy) of the Spirit of Truth, and also capable to realize the will which in the future should be executed, then such man will receive the answer directly from the Spirit of Truth.


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