Human emotions and physiognomy.
Physiognomic image and hexagram Yih-King 50.

streams of lighting beams and wave transportations of physical objects


Lineaments of a face and perception of a time.
Eyebrows: ideas are in the future / infinite chronology of subjective human comprehensions.
Eyes: aspirations are outside of time / irrelative chronology of subjective human achievements.
Mouth: events are in the future / infinite chronology of subjective human actions.

Person stays outside of time and anticipates the future events.

Analytical formulas of the canon of changes.
1 (eyebrows) affirmative thinking is (mouth) corroborated evidence of (eyes) incomprehensible existence.
(eyebrows) doubtless reminiscences are (eyes) extraneous displays of (mouth) satisfactory past.
(mouth) positive assumptions are (eyebrows) intentional projections of (eyes) unclear future.

If waves and particles of global matter are interconnected with physical parameters of movement, and in essence if material substances can be interfaced to streams of lighting beams then human bodies can move in space with speed of light. Namely quantum particles or waves of material bodies can move almost instantly in solar system, that can be considered as unknown methods of wave moving or corpuscular transportations of physical objects.


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About streams of lighting beams and unknown methods of wave transportations of physical objects, and also material substances of human bodies.