Human emotions and physiognomy.
Physiognomic image and hexagram Yih-King 45.

physical shapes and corporal forms of human bodies


Lineaments of a face and perception of a time.
Eyebrows: ideas are in the past / inevitably final chronology of subjective human comprehensions.
Eyes: aspirations are in the future / infinite chronology of subjective human achievements.
Mouth: events are in the present / relative chronology of subjective human actions.

Person sees the future events which already were in the past, and finds essence of present time.

Analytical formulas of the canon of changes.
1 (eyebrows) illusive thinking is (mouth) indisputable evidence of (eyes) convinced existence.
(eyebrows) deceptive reminiscences are (eyes) arising displays of (mouth) authentic past.
(mouth) objective assumptions are (eyebrows) involuntary projections of (eyes) predictable future.

The Apocryphon of apostle John describes divine aeons of light in which there are different physical shapes and corporal forms of a life, and including various appearances of human bodies.
Contemporary philosophy considers that divine aeons are continuums of time. But in essence aeons are continuums of all world categories, not only time but also spaces, matters, energy, movement, life.
Look information about aeons and Apocryphon of apostle John on pages of this website in section which has the name: divine categories.


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About corporal physical forms of human bodies and lineaments of physiognomic images, and also reconstruction of facial shapes.