Human emotions and physiognomy.
Physiognomic image and hexagram Yih-King 34.

mirrors of physical bodies and subsistence of individual souls


Lineaments of a face and perception of a time.
Eyebrows: ideas are in the present / relative chronology of subjective human comprehensions.
Eyes: aspirations are outside of time / irrelative chronology of subjective human achievements.
Mouth: events are outside of time / irrelative chronology of subjective human actions.

Person realizes that the present time is void.

Analytical formulas of the canon of changes.
1 (eyebrows) definite thinking is (mouth) vague evidence of (eyes) incomprehensible existence.
(eyebrows) unforgettable reminiscences are (eyes) extraneous displays of (mouth) doubtful past.
(mouth) non objective assumptions are (eyebrows) evident projections of (eyes) unclear future.

Eyes are mirrors of soul and consequently eyesight vision symbolizes individuality of a man and breath of a life which the God has breathed in physical matter of human bodies. Namely the God has connected particles and waves of physical matter of human bodies with corpuscular-wave impulses of a life then people became living beings.
As a result in connection of a life with physical matter of a body there is existence or subsistence of individual human soul which possesses corpuscular and wave properties of material substance or tissue, and in essence is corporeal or substantial.
Life and soul in the Bible are words which in some cases are synonyms.


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About mirrors of physical human bodies and subsistence of individual souls, and also essential attributes of alive essences.