Human emotions and physiognomy.
Physiognomic image and hexagram Yih-King 32.

invisible substance of universe and structural forms of human bodies


Lineaments of a face and perception of a time.
Eyebrows: ideas are in the present / relative chronology of subjective human comprehensions.
Eyes: aspirations are outside of time / irrelative chronology of subjective human achievements.
Mouth: events are in the future / infinite chronology of subjective human actions.

Person involves the future events on present time but does not see the present.

Analytical formulas of the canon of changes.
1 (eyebrows) definite thinking is (mouth) corroborated evidence of (eyes) incomprehensible existence.
(eyebrows) unforgettable reminiscences are (eyes) extraneous displays of (mouth) satisfactory past.
(mouth) positive assumptions are (eyebrows) evident projections of (eyes) unclear future.

Corpuscular particles of a matter form visual world or universe which can be visible by eyesight. And waves of a matter form material fabric which astronomers name as dark invisible substance of universe.
Particles make material body of a man, and waves of a matter form substance according to which ideas and prototypes of human bodies exist.
Corpuscular-wave bodies or otherwise to tell structural forms of human souls do not correspond with visible world and are not a dark wave matter of universe. But corpuscular-wave structures of human souls form the kingdom of heaven about which the Christ spoke.
Look information on the kingdom of heaven on pages of this website in section which has the name divine categories.


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About invisible substance of universe and structural forms of human bodies or souls, and also waves of vital impulses.