Human emotions and physiognomy.
Physiognomic image and hexagram Yih-King 29.

physiognomic image of wave and corpuscular properties


Lineaments of a face and perception of a time.
Eyebrows: ideas are in the past / inevitably final chronology of subjective human comprehensions.
Eyes: aspirations are in the present / relative chronology of subjective human achievements.
Mouth: events are in the future / infinite chronology of subjective human actions.

Person sees that the present is a time interval where the past incorporates to the future.

Analytical formulas of the canon of changes.
1 (eyebrows) illusive thinking is (mouth) corroborated evidence of (eyes) absolute existence.
(eyebrows) deceptive reminiscences are (eyes) actual displays of (mouth) satisfactory past.
(mouth) positive assumptions are (eyebrows) involuntary projections of (eyes) obvious future.

Time can possess wave and corpuscular properties. Namely there can be waves of time or otherwise tell wave chronological processes which can extend in space. And also there can be corpuscles or otherwise tell quantum slices of time which can be connected with particles of energy or matter.
Corpuscles or slices of time can be fixed in particles of energy and matter in the form of information on the past. And also waves of time can possess movement and can extend in space in the form of information on the past.


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About wave properties of chronological processes and quantum slices of time, and also physical forms of material objects.