View area of physiognomic gallery.
Facial images of emotional impressions.

Choose physiognomic miniatures at the left and appropriate faces or symbols of physiognomy will be open in this framework, in view area of online gallery.
Visual sizes of images or extents of pictures are approximately 7Kb.

Physiognomic images of facial emotional impressions in gallery are accompanied by brief descriptions or commenting texts.
Translations of texts into English language are made by me but I am not sure in accuracy of words.

Look physiognomic images in different galleries of this website and compare with faces of people to identify displays or manifestations of emotions according to various emotional symbols. And also look in galleries different descriptions or commenting texts which correspond with various values of facial features and meanings of emotions in faces of people.
The gallery of facial emotional impressions results commenting texts which allow to understand characteristics of emotions, namely descriptions allow to understand mental associations which arise at eyesight on faces of people.
And also in this gallery of physiognomic symbols there are art concepts according to which cosmetic make-up of female faces is interconnected with emotions of women. And in essence commenting texts in this online gallery of facial impressions lists art principles according to which physiognomic images of emotions with corresponding hexagrams of the canon of changes i-jing can be applied as symbols of a logic set of constructive model samples for stylistic design and cosmetic make-up of female faces.


physiognomic images in gallery
concepts of emotional impressions