61st physiognomic symbol.
Gallery of emotions and cosmetic make-up for psychoanalysts.

skills of emotional changes in complex make-up art

Facial stylists and visage designers should be good psychologists and psychoanalysts, namely visual artists should not only create cosmetic make-up but also should possess mental skills of emotional changes, as creation of female images is complex psychological facial art.


Facial features and meanings of emotions.
Quiet eyebrows - denying of ideas.
Open eyes - excitation of desires.
Quiet mouth - silent feelings.

Physiognomy of emotional impressions.
The open eyes seem calm as eyebrows and mouth express quiet emotions.
Quiet eyebrows and mouth seem candid as eyes express open emotions.

Figure of emotional expressions.
Quiet ideas and feelings contradict sincerity of eyesight.
The person hides own thoughts and sensations, but intention of desires opens to world around.


Following 62 hexagram i-jing:
psychoanalytic art for cosmetic make-up of female image.