47th physiognomic symbol.
Gallery of emotions for cosmetic make-up of pleasant feelings.

sad ideas have no value in comparison with joyful feelings

It is impossible to choose emotional image necessary for any concrete events or life situations, or for dialogue with a concrete person, because cosmetic make-up of facial features should correspond to natural emotions of a female face, but it is possible to change and coordinate personal moods with physiognomic displays of people.


Facial features and meanings of emotions.
Sad eyebrows - annoying ideas.
Joyful eyes - display of desires.
Joyful mouth - pleasant feelings.

Physiognomy of emotional impressions.
The joyful mouth and eyes seem unhappy as eyebrows express sad emotions.
Sad eyebrows seem glad as eyes and mouth express joyful emotions.

Figure of emotional expressions.
The person laughs at something sorrowful.
Rousing desires of the person are shown by will of cheer feelings irrespective of sad ideas which have no value in comparison with cheerful sensations.


Following 48 hexagram i-jing:
pleasant feelings and natural emotions of female face.