37th physiognomic symbol.
Gallery of emotional desires for cosmetic make-up.

impression that the face is deformed by a grimace

If mouth has original sad emotional expression, but visage designers create physiognomic symbol or artistic image of joyful or open emotions by means of cosmetic make-up, then there is visual impression that face of a woman is deformed by a grimace or "crooked smile" that cannot look beautifully in eyesight of men.


Facial features and meanings of emotions.
Quiet eyebrows - denying of ideas.
Sad eyes - oppression of desires.
Sad mouth - mournful feelings.

Physiognomy of emotional impressions.
Quiet eyebrows seem gloomy as eyes and mouth express sad emotions.
Sad eyes and mouth seem calm as eyebrows express quiet emotions.

Figure of emotional expressions.
Sad feelings aggravate sorrowful desires, but the person does not think about misery.
Ideas of the person have no attitude to mournful feelings and desires as if consciousness cannot find decision which would allow to rid of grief.


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desires of a woman and facial cosmetic make-up.