25th physiognomic symbol.
Gallery of emotions and expressions of female face.

correct emotional expressions by means of cosmetic make-up

It is possible to correct unhappy emotional expressions of a female face by means of cosmetic make-up if sad facial features are combined with joyful or open traits, but original and natural combination of emotions in most cases does not demand artistic changes.


Facial features and meanings of emotions.
Quiet eyebrows - denying of ideas.
Joyful eyes - display of desires.
Sad mouth - mournful feelings.

Physiognomy of emotional impressions.
Quiet eyebrows and joyful eyes seem unhappy as mouth expresses sad emotions.
Joyful eyes and sad mouth seem calm as eyebrows express quiet emotions.
The sad mouth and quiet eyebrows can seem glad as eyes express joyful emotions.

Figure of emotional expressions.
In eyes there is no joy and ideas are calm, as if the person hides sad feelings.
Quiet ideas constrain display of desires as sad feelings do the person unfortunate.


Following 26 hexagram i-jing:
means of cosmetic make-up and expressions of female face.