12th physiognomic symbol.
Art gallery of emotions for cosmetic make-up.

physiognomic symbol of open mouth for make-up artists

Cosmetic make-up is high art or lofty style if visagistes and facial stylists, and in essence visual artists see emotional expressions of female faces and do not mask emotions, but create physiognomic images which do not contradict moods of women.


Facial features and meanings of emotions.
Quiet eyebrows - denying of ideas.
Joyful eyes - display of desires.
Open mouth - admiration of feelings.

Physiognomy of emotional impressions.
Quiet eyebrows and open mouth seem happy as eyes express joyful emotions.
Quiet eyebrows and joyful eyes seem frank as mouth expresses open emotions.
Joyful eyes and open mouth seem calm as eyebrows express quiet emotions.

Figure of emotional expressions.
Pleasure of the person is not realized by mind, and expression of feelings does not disturb silent ideas.
Desires are frankly shown in feelings of the person, but ideas hide personal aspirations.


Following 13 hexagram i-jing:
facial art for cosmetic make-up artists.