Hexagram Yi-King 58.
Gallery of logic facial emotions.

advertising for editors of magazines and photos on journal pages

If you are editor or publisher of a popular magazine which is not fashion but is intended for intellectual readers then in any case journal articles and photos on pages can be structured for accommodation of advertising according to ratio with physiognomic symbols of this gallery and sequential order of 64 hexagrams in the canon of changes Yi-King. Namely photos and articles on journal pages can be specially organized and intended for accommodation of promotional advertising materials which associate with different emotional conditions of potential readers.


Features of a face and associations of emotional conditions.
Eyebrows: dreams cannot be actual / unfeasible imagination.
Eyes: relevant world vision / illusions are probable.
Mouth: feelings have no validity / sensations do not correlate with reality.

If feelings do not correlate with reality and realization of imaginations cannot be actual then illusions are carried out erroneously.

Formulas of analytical philosophy.
1 (eyes) planned opportunity is (eyebrows) doubtful probability of (mouth) unreal event.
(eyebrows) fictitious ideas are (eyes) guessed prototypes of (mouth) inexplicable world.
(eyebrows) limited knowledge is (eyes) deliberate reflections of (mouth) unknown reality.
(eyebrows) inadequate imaginations are (eyes) acceptable anticipations of (mouth) seeming validity.


Following 59 symbol of physiognomy.
About facial emotions of advertising materials for editors of magazines and photos on journal pages, and also studying of foreign languages.