Hexagram Yi-King 55.
Gallery of logic facial emotions.

pictures or photos in fashion magazines and impressions of readers

If you are customer of advertising in popular fashion magazines then other photos and pictures on journal pages near with information on advertised goods or services should not contradict emotions which are shown in your promotional materials. Namely photos in fashion magazines should correspond to emotional impressions of readers which see your advertising. Therefore advertisers can consider physiognomic symbols of emotional conditions in this gallery, and also logic interrelations of hexagrams Yi-King in the canon of changes when order advertising on journal pages.


Features of a face and associations of emotional conditions.
Eyebrows: dreams are not caused by fantasy / sensible thinking.
Eyes: non objective world vision / unrealistic illusions of outlook.
Mouth: feelings cannot be valid / sensations have no verification by reality.

If void feelings contradict sensible dreams then in the world there is no validity.

Formulas of analytical philosophy.
1 (eyes) implicit opportunity is (eyebrows) conceivable probability of (mouth) impracticable event.
(eyebrows) absolute ideas are (eyes) mysterious prototypes of (mouth) non cognizable world.
(eyebrows) intelligent knowledge is (eyes) indiscernible reflections of (mouth) erroneous reality.
(eyebrows) considered imaginations are (eyes) implied anticipations of (mouth) false validity.


Following 56 symbol of physiognomy.
About pictures or photos in fashion magazines and emotional impressions of readers, and also themes of journal articles.