Hexagram Yi-King 51.
Gallery of logic facial emotions.

advertising in television programs and physiognomy for advert agencies

If you address in advert agency and place advertising on TV then it is necessary to consider position of promotion video clips among episodes of television programs. As overlapping of entertaining television shows with intellectual advertising, or alternation of serious episodes of telecasts and playful video clips of advertisement can have undesirable influence upon the viewing public or audience of TV. And consequently it is necessary to determine positions of promotion video clips or advertising campaigns in television programs and telecasts by means of hexagrams of the canon of changes Yi-King, and in essence according to harmonious and disharmonious combinations of the shown physiognomic images.


Features of a face and associations of emotional conditions.
Eyebrows: dreams are not caused by fantasy / sensible thinking.
Eyes: relevant world vision / illusions are probable.
Mouth: feelings cannot be valid / sensations have no verification by reality.

The thinking can be sensible and illusions can be relevant but feelings can not have verification by reality.

Formulas of analytical philosophy.
1 (eyes) planned opportunity is (eyebrows) conceivable probability of (mouth) impracticable event.
(eyebrows) absolute ideas are (eyes) guessed prototypes of (mouth) non cognizable world.
(eyebrows) intelligent knowledge is (eyes) deliberate reflections of (mouth) erroneous reality.
(eyebrows) considered imaginations are (eyes) acceptable anticipations of (mouth) false validity.


Following 52 symbol of physiognomy.
About episodes of advertising in television programs and physiognomic images for advert agencies, and also promotion video clips.