Hexagram Yi-King 34.
Gallery of logic facial emotions.

autogenic training and psychological exercises for relaxation techniques

If you practice psychological autogenic training or relaxation techniques then you can plan concrete exercises according to consecutive row of 64 hexagrams in the canon of changes Yi-King, and also according to facial symbols of emotional conditions in this online gallery.
Or it is possible to plan psychological exercises and relaxation techniques of autogenic trainings according to geometrical positions of physiognomic symbols and hexagrams Yi-King in circular spatial arrangements, which look on pages of this website in section which has the name: circles of emotions.


Features of a face and associations of emotional conditions.
Eyebrows: dreams are not caused by fantasy / sensible thinking.
Eyes: non objective world vision / unrealistic illusions of outlook.
Mouth: feelings have no validity / sensations do not correlate with reality.

The thinking can be more objective and more real rather than the non objective world and unreal feelings.

Formulas of analytical philosophy.
1 (eyes) implicit opportunity is (eyebrows) conceivable probability of (mouth) unreal event.
(eyebrows) absolute ideas are (eyes) mysterious prototypes of (mouth) inexplicable world.
(eyebrows) intelligent knowledge is (eyes) indiscernible reflections of (mouth) unknown reality.
(eyebrows) considered imaginations are (eyes) implied anticipations of (mouth) seeming validity.


Following 35 symbol of physiognomy.
About emotions for autogenic training and psychological exercises for relaxation techniques, and also stage directors of theatres.