Hexagram Yi-King 3.
Gallery of logic facial emotions.

facial emotions in portraits of people in gallery of emotional conditions

If you are the artist who draw portraits then can represent faces of people according to hexagrams Yi-King, and also according to the logic system of mimic movements and to associated meanings of facial emotions which are shown in gallery.
In particular Rembrandt has drawn 64 well-known self-portraits, that is comparable to quantity of hexagrams in the canon of changes Yi-King. Though emotions in Rembrandt's self-portraits do not correspond with physiognomic images or facial symbols of 64 emotional conditions which are shown in this gallery.


Features of a face and associations of emotional conditions.
Eyebrows: dreams cannot be actual / unfeasible imagination.
Eyes: objective world vision / realistic illusions of outlook.
Mouth: feelings cannot be valid / sensations have no verification by reality.

Dreams can be impracticable and feelings can be not confirmed by reality even if illusions seem realistic.

Formulas of analytical philosophy.
1 (eyes) obligatory opportunity is (eyebrows) doubtful probability of (mouth) impracticable event.
(eyebrows) fictitious ideas are (eyes) actual prototypes of (mouth) non cognizable world.
(eyebrows) limited knowledge is (eyes) true reflections of (mouth) erroneous reality.
(eyebrows) inadequate imaginations are (eyes) promising anticipations of (mouth) false validity.


Following 4 symbol of physiognomy.
About facial emotions in portraits of people in gallery of emotional conditions, and also painting of genre art works.