Hexagram Yi-King 28.
Gallery of logic facial emotions.

public politicians as facial outlooks and directions of modern psychoanalysis

If you are a psychologist or psychoanalyst then you can analyze emotions in faces of people according to the shown physiognomic images and hexagrams Yi-King. And also as psychoanalyst you can predict emotional behavior of people, or psychological relations of public politicians and leaders of state governments.
In essence conditional images of a human face in this online gallery are universal symbols which can be applied in various directions of contemporary psychology or modern psychoanalysis, namely can be used by psychologists of various specialties, and including political psychoanalysts.


Features of a face and associations of emotional conditions.
Eyebrows: dreams cannot be actual / unfeasible imagination.
Eyes: non objective world vision / unrealistic illusions of outlook.
Mouth: feelings can be valid / sensations have verification by reality.

Feelings can be confirmed by reality in the non objective world even if imaginations cannot be actual.

Formulas of analytical philosophy.
1 (eyes) implicit opportunity is (eyebrows) doubtful probability of (mouth) feasible event.
(eyebrows) fictitious ideas are (eyes) mysterious prototypes of (mouth) cognizable world.
(eyebrows) limited knowledge is (eyes) indiscernible reflections of (mouth) hypothetical reality.
(eyebrows) inadequate imaginations are (eyes) implied anticipations of (mouth) desirable validity.


Following 29 symbol of physiognomy.
About relations of public politicians as facial outlooks and directions of modern psychoanalysis, and also emotions in psychological researches.