Hexagram Yi-King 20.
Gallery of logic facial emotions.

physiognomic images in art works of literature and emotional types of writers

If you are a philologist or literary critic then you can analyze art works of literature from the view point of logic ratios of hexagrams Yi-King and physiognomic images of this gallery with emotional conditions of characters and personages in novels or poems. And also from the view point of psychological ratios of emotional types of writers with emotions of characters in literary art works.


Features of a face and associations of emotional conditions.
Eyebrows: dreams are caused by fantasy / insensible thinking.
Eyes: objective world vision / realistic illusions of outlook.
Mouth: feelings have validity / sensations correlate with reality.

The objective world can define real feelings but dreams can be non objective.

Formulas of analytical philosophy.
1 (eyes) obligatory opportunity is (eyebrows) inconceivable probability of (mouth) real event.
(eyebrows) abstract ideas are (eyes) actual prototypes of (mouth) explicable world.
(eyebrows) insensible knowledge is (eyes) true reflections of (mouth) irrefutable reality.
(eyebrows) latent imaginations are (eyes) promising anticipations of (mouth) seen validity.


Following 21 symbol of physiognomy.
About art works of literature and emotional types of writers, and also facial emotions as lyrical impressions.