Hexagram Yi-King 12.
Gallery of logic facial emotions.

analytical philosophy as poetic texts and lineaments of face as lines of poems

If you are a poet who create poetic texts then can correlate lines of poems to figures of hexagrams Yi-King and lineaments or features of a human face. And also as a poet you can correlate poetic images and lines of poems to logic formulas according to which emotional conditions associate with phenomena of surrounding validity.
And also it is possible to correlate lines of poems and poetic texts to formulas of analytical philosophy in this gallery.
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Features of a face and associations of emotional conditions.
Eyebrows: dreams are caused by fantasy / insensible thinking.
Eyes: relevant world vision / illusions are probable.
Mouth: feelings have validity / sensations correlate with reality.

If feelings have real sense then illusions can be actual even if dreams are caused by fantasy.

Formulas of analytical philosophy.
1 (eyes) planned opportunity is (eyebrows) inconceivable probability of (mouth) real event.
(eyebrows) abstract ideas are (eyes) guessed prototypes of (mouth) explicable world.
(eyebrows) insensible knowledge is (eyes) deliberate reflections of (mouth) irrefutable reality.
(eyebrows) latent imaginations are (eyes) acceptable anticipations of (mouth) seen validity.


Following 13 symbol of physiognomy.
About formulas of analytical philosophy as poetic texts and lineaments of a human face as lines of poems, and also linguistic constructions of poetry.