View area of physiognomic gallery.
Profiles of human faces.

Choose physiognomic miniatures at the left and corresponding images of physiognomic types of human faces in profile will be opened in this area of viewing.
Sizes of images approximately 4+4Kb.

Physiognomic images are accompanied by brief descriptions.
Translations of texts are made by me but I am not sure in accuracy of translation.

This physiognomic gallery represents symbolical images of contours of human profiles which are systematized according to 64 Kwa and make 64 physiognomic types. One Kwa and three symbolical images corresponds to each physiognomic type.
The first physiognomic image is multilayered and includes some contours. The white contour designates schematic increase or reduction of the sizes of a face according to strong and weak lines in 64 Kwa i.e. designates the expressed and unexpressed features of a face. Grey contours designate deviations of the sizes of a face concerning average sizes, and according to appropriate and inappropriate positions of lines in 64 Kwa i.e. designate the exalted character traits which correspond with inappropriate positions of lines.
White contours are actual, namely are intended for physiognomic comparison with faces of real people and for identification of physiognomic types. And grey contours are not actual, namely are not intended for direct comparison with faces of real people but intended for identification of the exalted character traits.
The second and third physiognomic images are additional white contours which are intended for comparison with faces of real people and for actual identification of physiognomic types, though these images have insignificant differences of proportions and sizes regarding the first physiognomic image but in essence are formal variants of one physiognomic type.


physiognomic profiles in gallery
principles of 64 Kwa and concepts of physiognomy