gallery of faces

gallery of faces
half faces in profile


Profiles of half faces.
Physiognomic gallery.

Symbolical profiles of human half faces are compared with 64 Kwa of the Chinese canon of changes I Ching according to which physiognomic facial types are systematized in this gallery.
Serial numbers of 64 Kwa and corresponding ciphers of physiognomic types can be found in the table. Namely look top and bottom trigrams above and at the left of the table, and in cells look serial numbers of corresponding six lines of Kwa and physiognomic types.
Look information on parities of 64 Kwa with facial physiognomy in concepts of half faces, namely blue button above.

serial numbers of 64 Kwa and physiognomic facial types in the table

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The present physiognomic gallery of faces can interest not only people keen in physiognomy, but also teachers. Therefore teachers of physiognomy should pay for knowledge published in this gallery. And if they do not pay for knowledge, but take from you money, then you do not learn something at them.