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central page of astrological degrees


Degrees of Sabian Symbols.
The list of astrological degrees and proverbs of tsar Solomon.

The list consists of 12 pages which correspond to 12 signs on the zodiac.
The list specifies degrees of signs in the zodiac (each zodiacal sign includes 30 degrees) and specifies degrees of astrological circle in brackets, and also specifies numbers of proverbs and chapters in the Proverbs of Solomon.
The detailed information on parities of 360 proverbs of tsar Solomon with degrees of astrological circle (Sabian Symbols) look on pages of this website in section which has the name proverbs.
The list results proverbs in a context of the English Standard Version of the Bible.
Other versions of the Bible can be found:

zodiacal sign Aries
Zodiacal sign Aries.
Astrological degrees 000-029.

zodiacal sign Taurus
Zodiacal sign Taurus.
Astrological degrees 030-059.

zodiacal sign Gemini
Zodiacal sign Gemini.
Astrological degrees 060-089.

zodiacal sign Crab
Zodiacal sign Crab.
Astrological degrees 090-119.

zodiacal sign Leo
Zodiacal sign Leo.
Astrological degrees 120-149.

zodiacal sign Virgo
Zodiacal sign Virgo.
Astrological degrees 150-179.

zodiacal sign Libra
Zodiacal sign Libra.
Astrological degrees 180-209.

zodiacal sign Scorpio
Zodiacal sign Scorpio.
Astrological degrees 210-239.

zodiacal sign Sagittarius
Zodiacal sign Sagittarius.
Astrological degrees 240-269.

zodiacal sign Capricorn
Zodiacal sign Capricorn.
Astrological degrees 270-299.

zodiacal sign Aquarius
Zodiacal sign Aquarius.
Astrological degrees 300-329.

zodiacal sign Pisces
Zodiacal sign Pisces.
Astrological degrees 330-359.