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The letter about 12 Aeons.

I have received the electronic letter (e-mail) on divine categories from Palyne.

Feel welcome to publish my letter.

I am not clear on your "face" work which seems the focus of your website, I don't understand it and I admit am not that interested right now. But I wanted to tell you something about the Apocryphon document that you referred to and seem to base your work upon. A few things. If this is not of interest to you, or you have a different view on these things, that is ok. I am writing you as a form of thanks for putting your material online as it allowed Google to find it for me.
In 1993 I had an experience where I met an "identity" that was "me plus(+)". A man, a real person, in a real life, but not this world it seems, though human, but a "higher order of species" genetically, and somehow the energy that 'composed me' was part of him, plus more that was just-him. He was tall and very blonde, had unusual eyes that were bluer and slightly larger and slightly slanted than the norm. He had "woken up spiritually and claimed his power." This had a profound impact on me, as I began having visions, and heart-chakra experiences in my regular life. At the time I was a skeptical business person and had no idea what was going on. I thought I was going insane. I tried to keep it secret. :-)
Over time I began having experiences with a total of three other identities. A woman, unusually tall with a long head, that seemed like "Spiritual Royalty," I called her the Queen, or 2nd of 4; he loved her and he sought her out to 'awaken' her. In symbolism she comes across as what I call "pre-Egyptian", as if she is of the people that the Egyptians as we know them, were trying to emulate.
And a man, whom I could seldom see very well, but he was the most powerful of our Four, and I came to believe certain key experiences (once, a commanding voice that saved my life in a severe earthquake, making my body move while I was still asleep) were related to him. I call him Senior, or 1st of 4.
Me and the blonde fellow would 'merge', and the other two would merge, and then the resulting-entity would merge, so our four were one. In one vision with them, chakras lit up like white orbs, and paths connected them, and my perspective 'pulled back' and I saw that we were that strange 'Tree of Life' thing the kabbalists have, in 3-D. I understood in another, that we had "every possible relationship to each other" and "composed the universe", somehow.
Experiences with "The Four" as I came to call them, became more common. I came to understand that we were four "Elementals of Soul" as I called it -- I mean, someone else's soul -- someone who was the largest of the combination of us. We were not separate and combined, but rather, "nested" inside each other, like Russian Dolls.
I had a terrible experience in 1994 of "Nothingness" that nearly resulted in suicide, but months later resulted in meeting what I called "The Blue Eyes of Soul," a "spark of divinity inside me" I considered my core, that saved me from that finally. It took me years to truly get past the trauma of that.
Near the end of 1995 I was talking with a friend about all this, and some so-called "Alien" experiences, and my confusion about how all these things related. She was a therapist, and I decided to gather the letters I had written her and another friend the previous few years, and my personal and dream journals, and narrate it as a personal case study. As a form of therapy, and for her to have more insight into people who might have similar experiences. And, I admit, because I hoped someone smarter than me might someday read it, and it might make more sense to them, and maybe they'd explain it to me. ;-) In 1996 I was still too lazy to print it, as it was as long as a book, and I was not interested in selling it, so I just put it on the internet.
(As an aside: Humorously, I saw some of the symbols in it, in the first-half of that first movie 'The Matrix', which made for a VERY weird experience in the theatre! It turns out the two men who wrote that movie were big internet people, and my book was online back in the days when very little else was in that genre, so I think they read it and incorporated a few elements into their larger, far more interesting idea. I might add there is another movie that I think is "subconsciously," by the author, a story of his "Four", I read that he said he began writing it when he was young and it was an idea that fleshed out in him for years. There is a scene in it where the woman gives her name that was so like an experience I had with the 2nd-of-4 years prior, it really made me laugh. This has made me wonder if maybe other people, without consciously realizing it, model the internal experience of "The Four" in their own life, into creative works.)
I became fairly fluent with The Four over time. One time, there was a large rectangular cube, and each of the four of us were given one "panel of light." Another time, much earlier, I had a powerful dream and understood that I had in turn 'awoken' the 3rd of 4, who had been 'hidden' from someone(s) in a nearly religious feeling, as if he were thousands, millions, of years old.
A few years ago the Senior introduced me to a group of other entities. I was very resistant to this. I have a lot of resistance; I forget things constantly so I have to blog them (and I "re-remember" them a dozen times in re-reading, it is terrible how my brain avoids these things!). They seemed to be some kind of 'guides' except that they made it clear they "composed me," and also, they came across like stars or constellations or something; and also, I got intuitively, repeatedly, that the actual name for them was "Aeons." Now this seemed to make no sense, to me that word means time, not identity, but they said it worked. I tried to resist that as I felt stupid about it, like it was some occult word, but I finally gave in and simply began referring to them as that. At one point, I was told that there were 3 different primary energy groupings that they were in.
To facilitate meditation, I sought out photos or pictures on the internet that best-matched the "impression" I had of each of these 12 Aeons in my head. I did not want to use photos of real people or celebrities but I cannot sketch, so that is what I had to work with. I made myself what I called an 'Aeon Round' of the 12 pics, and put a square block of me/mate/Queen/Senior in the middle, and a few other identities I work with. This is my desktop background for a long time though I update it sometimes.
Sometimes I have tried to talk to other people about my experiences, or google on them, but I found nothing matching. But some months ago I believe it was, after I had been given the term 'Aeon' to describe the 12, I searched google on "The Four and Aeons" or something like that. And I found Page 2 of your website talking about the 'Four Aeons of Light' and so on.
Seeing 'four' surrounded 'twelve' in a circle, and 'Aeons' referred to as if they could be identities, nearly made me faint! It is the first thing I had ever in my life seen that corresponded to my personal experiences. I felt so validated!
And yet, the document you referred to, that seemed to be talking about Jesus. I admit that 'identity' has become an unusually complex subject for me, but I am utterly certain that I am NOT Jesus. ;-) And the meaning of the words I read, I did not feel them "connect to Truth" inside me, as if someone had simply documented something. I didn't think that whomever wrote it, was having, like me, the real experience of all this. It was wonderful to find ANY reference to these things, and weird that it would turn out to be just one document from nearly 2000 years ago! When I tried to talk to occultists online, because I thought surely some of them would know of all this, they just act like I am stupid or insane. So it was wonderful to find your page and see that at least one other person in history had something a little like this.
I did not read again on the subject for awhile because in some ways it upset me that it matched my symbols and yet seemed to have a different framework, e.g. I was not 'the perfect man' or 'the first man' or 'jesus' by any means whatsoever, I'm just a proletarian California girl living in the Ozarks in the USA. If this is going on with me I figure it must be workable even for very normal people.
Just recently I did a huge bout of speed-reading again and I found the library that has a translation of that whole document series, and read it, and I felt that some of the works were very "True" but I did not understand them or how they could be, and I leaned on the Four and my Aeons to help me "get it" inside. After days of this, I fell asleep for a few hours, and woke up in the dark and all the geometry was inside me and I understood it. That it was about cosmology. That we really ARE 'stars'. And more. I spent days pulling that info out and making it more linear and succinct for my blog.
And then because I want to do some meditations on the elements as well (unrelated to the above), I searched on Copper for a little more reading on it first, and by chance stumbled onto a website that is dedicated to that same Apocrypha series of documents, except this guy feels they are written in symbol of a sort, and that they represent the energy body evolution into a 'realized' person. He has his own "translation" of all of them. And with that, the basic information of the 4 Aeons of Light, the 3 primal energies which through them shine the 12 Aeons around them, becomes something applicable even to "normal" people, if they are developing... in a spiritual or chakraic sense.
I am not sure that he, let alone your pages, has the same 'model' that I get this through -- that it is entirely identities; that it is literally cosmology; but I finally feel like the basics have been worked out for me and I feel a lot more comfortable with it now.
I might never have found the first reference to this material if it were not for your web page coming up in google. So I am very grateful to you. It has been many many years that I have been 'alone' with this experience and wishing I did not seem to be the only person in the world having it, and now I realize I am not. I do not find anybody else online talking about it, but who knows, perhaps that will happen in the future.
I hope your own work on the face information goes well. I do not know whether or not the diagram you have on your page, of the 12 "qualities" and such of those Aeons, fits with mine or not, but I will see over time I guess.

Best regards,

The link to my blog may be confusing since there is much material there that is just of my life, but this is where I talk about these things: www.palyne.com/blog.psiche/.