Physiognomy of symbolical emotions.
Hexagram of the canon of changes YiKing 57.

symbolical pictures of stylistic make-up for facial stylist or artists of face art physiognomy and samples of emotional images for beauty shops

If you are make-up artist or facial stylist, or otherwise master of face art and cosmetology, then you can take physiognomic symbols of this gallery as samples of emotional images according to which clients of cosmetic consultations and beauty shops can choose desirable features of emotions for own faces.
Namely the shown symbolical pictures can be samples of emotional images which can be offered for women in cosmetic salons or consultation services and beauty shops for stylistic make-up of facial features.


Emotions of social relationships.
individual mind does not depend on public consciousness.
Eyes: personal volition subordinates to collective will.
Mouth: private needs predominate over social requirements.
Public will influences personal volition of a man or woman, but private needs prevail of collective requirements, and individual consciousness does not depend on corporative mentality.

Personal mutual relations.
you do not think of people and-or companions do not regard you.
Eyes: you do not wish to see people and-or companions do not need your presence.
Mouth: you can speak and-or companions listen to you.

Mental attitudes.
your notion is neutral to opinions of people.
Eyes: your point of view is caused by sights of people.
Mouth: your words determine assertions of people.

You do not reflect on people, but they communicate with you though do not wish dialogue.


Following 58 physiognomic symbol in gallery.
About cosmetology and physiognomy for beauty shops, also samples of emotional images and facial art of cosmetic make-up.