Physiognomy of symbolical emotions.
Hexagram of the canon of changes YiKing 54.

physiognomy for producer in the industry of pop music and sound recording channels of television and facial moods for musical video clips

If you are a popular singer or musical artist of show business, or producer in the industry of pop music and sound recording, then you can shoot television video clips or visual illustrations of audio compositions for TV according to the shown symbols of human emotions and hexagrams of the canon of changes Yi King. Namely popular musical artist or musicians of pop music and singers of variety songs can play roles as theatrical or cinematographic actors during performing of singles and hits in television video clips. And as a result popular artists of show business by means of mimic moving and facial expressions can create emotional moods which should be initiated in emotions of spectators during display of video clips on musical channels of television or in the world wide web of Internet. And actually popular singers and musicians can show mental associations or otherwise tell visual psychological ratios of musical compositions and songs in video clips with emotions of TV audience or public of world wide web.
According to the shown images of human emotions it is possible to create very complex emotional moods which can be expedient for different pop music and various singles or songs in musical video clips.


Emotions of social relationships.
individual mind corresponds with public consciousness.
Eyes: personal volition predominates over collective will.
Mouth: private needs are indifferent to requirements of society.
Needs of a man or woman are indifferent to requirements of society, and subjective personality dominates over social will, but individual consciousness corresponds to collective reason.

Personal mutual relations.
you think of people and-or companions regard you.
Eyes: you wish to see people and-or companions need your presence.
Mouth: you do not want to speak and-or companions do not communicate with you.

Mental attitudes.
your notion is equivalent to opinions of people.
Eyes: your point of view determines sights of people.
Mouth: your words are neutral to assertions of people.

You aspire to people and agree to understand them, but you want to keep the right of unessential dialogue or communication.


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