Physiognomy of symbolical emotions.
Hexagram of the canon of changes YiKing 42.

physiognomy of mimic movements or facial expressions for comic actors samples of scenic images for comic actors and artists of comedy genre

If you are comic actor of comedy genre or humorist then as emotional samples for scenic image can choose only some physiognomic symbols with joyful and open emotions of a face, and in essence you can not consider sad and quiet mimic movements or facial expressions. But however you can show sad or quiet facial emotions by means of eyes and eyebrows if unhappy or calm emotional expressions are necessary in comic performances or humorous tricks.
But emotions of a mouth always should be joyful, namely scenic images in faces of comic actors or artists of comedy genre in all cases should simulate or imitate smiles, and in essence physiognomies of humorists should represent satirical laughter.


Emotions of social relationships.
individual mind does not depend on public consciousness.
Eyes: personal volition corresponds with collective will
Mouth: private needs subordinate to social requirements.
Personality of a man or woman is identified with public volition, but individual reason is indifferent to corporative consciousness, and requirements of society prevail of personal needs.

Personal mutual relations.
you do not think of people and-or companions do not regard you.
Eyes: you see people and-or companions notice you.
Mouth: you can not speak and-or companions do not listen to you.

Mental attitudes.
your notion is neutral to opinions of people.
Eyes: your point of view is equivalent to sights of people.
Mouth: your words are caused by assertions of people.

You are surrounded with not familiar people who do not aspire to dialogue or communication with you.


Following 43 physiognomic symbol in gallery.
About samples of scenic images for comic actors and artists of comedy genre, also mimic movements or facial expressions of humorists or satirical comedians.