Physiognomy of symbolical emotions.
Hexagram of the canon of changes YiKing 29.

hexagrams and emotions of film characters in special effects of cinema emotional images of screen actors and actresses in feature movies films

If you are the make-up artist or maker of special effects at cinema then you can coordinate emotional images of screen actors and actresses with plots of feature movies films. Namely by means of theatrical or prosthetic makeup you can change and vary emotions of film characters according to events in scripts of motion pictures, and in essence you can coordinate facial moods and emotional experiences of cinematographic personages, and also aspects of psychological features and physiognomies of screen actors, with the shown physiognomic symbols and hexagrams of the canon of changes Yi King.


Emotions of social relationships.
individual mind subordinates to public consciousness.
Eyes: personal volition corresponds with collective will
Mouth: private needs predominate over social requirements.
Personal will of a man or woman corresponds with collective volition, but private needs prevail of public demands, and individual reason depends on corporative mentality.

Personal mutual relations.
you do not realize people and-or companions disagree with you.
Eyes: you see people and-or companions notice you.
Mouth: you can speak and-or companions listen to you.

Mental attitudes.
your notion is caused by opinions of people.
Eyes: your point of view is equivalent to sights of people.
Mouth: your words determine assertions of people.

You address to people and they pretend that pay attention to you.


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About hexagrams and emotions of film characters in special effects of cinema, also prosthetic makeup and satirical grimaces in faces.