Physiognomy of symbolical emotions.
Hexagram of the canon of changes YiKing 16.

facial features or comic images for faces of comedians and clowns in circus troupes of clowns with images of different physiognomic symbols

If you are the clown or comedian of circus ring then can show comic images of facial features according to hexagrams of the canon of changes Yi King and physiognomic symbols of this online gallery. And also you can create troupes of circus clowns and comedians whose facial images or otherwise tell comic expressions of faces correspond with different symbols of emotions. In particular circus troupes of acting persons can include comic images of sad and cheerful clowns, and also sincere emotionally open comedians whose faces express different emotions and are coordinated with various physiognomic symbols which can be chosen in gallery.


Emotions of social relationships.
individual mind corresponds with public consciousness.
Eyes: personal volition predominates over collective will.
Mouth: private needs correspond with requirements of society.
Individual reason and private needs are identified with public consciousness and corporative demands, and consequently personality of a man or woman influences collective will of society.

Personal mutual relations.
you think of people and-or companions regard you.
Eyes: you wish to see people and-or companions need your presence.
Mouth: you want to speak and-or companions communicate with you.

Mental attitudes.
your notion is equivalent to opinions of people.
Eyes: your point of view determines sights of people.
Mouth: your words are equivalent to assertions of people.

You aspire to people who can understand you and want to communicate with you.


Following 17 physiognomic symbol in gallery.
About comic images for faces of comedians and clowns in circus, also facial features and physiognomy of street theatres.