Physiognomy of symbolical emotions.
Hexagram of the canon of changes YiKing 10.

physiognomies for Venetian masquerade and fancy-dress balls symbols of emotions in gallery as physiognomies for fancy masks

If you are artist or fashion maker of fancy dresses for masquerades and masked balls then symbolical images of this gallery can be considered as patterns or samples of masks. Namely the shown symbols of facial emotions can be physiognomies of fancy masks.
In particular for the masquerade in Venice or Venetian masked ball it is possible to make a collection or complete set of fancy masks which are coordinated with hexagrams of the canon of changes and the shown physiognomic symbols of a human face. Such art collection can be interesting if you plan participation in the Venetian masquerade, or if you are the seller of accessories for masked balls.
And also fancy masks for various emotions of human faces can be interesting if you are the organizer of fancy-dress balls.


Emotions of social relationships.
individual mind does not depend on public consciousness.
Eyes: personal volition predominates over collective will.
Mouth: private needs are indifferent to requirements of society.
Personal mind and needs do not depend on collective requirements and corporative mentality, but public will depends on subjective volition of a man or woman.

Personal mutual relations.
you do not think of people and-or companions do not regard you.
Eyes: you wish to see people and-or companions need your presence.
Mouth: you do not want to speak and-or companions do not communicate with you.

Mental attitudes.
your notion is neutral to opinions of people.
Eyes: your opinion determines opinion of people.
Mouth: your words are neutral to assertions of people.

You aspire to people with whom there is no necessity of dialogue or communication.


Following 11 physiognomic symbol in gallery.
About physiognomies for masquerades and fancy-dress balls, also corporative mentality and symbolical theatre of facial masks.