Physiognomic sign of a face 41.
Gallery of facial lineaments and hexagrams of the canon ijing.

oracle of physiognomic signs of digital data with audio records

If you are the seller of music and songs, namely if you are engaged in sale of digital data with audio records then you should supervise emotional displays which are focused on those or other musical genres, or which are expressed in relation to different performers of music and songs, as emotions of a seller can be apprehended as focused on buyers of musical digital data.


Oracle of human emotions.

Oracle of information.
Eyebrows: you perceive true information.
Eyes: you need information.
Mouth: you hide own information.

Oracle of situation.
Eyebrows: development of situation is compulsory - independent of people.
Eyes: people are involved in situation - concerning people.
Mouth: assistance of people is unnecessary - individual decision of problems.

Oracle of events.
Eyebrows: you can change events.
Eyes: you attach importance to events.
Mouth: you perceive events passively.


Following 42 facial mark in gallery.
Oracle of digital data for sellers of music and songs, or video and audio records.