Physiognomic sign of a face 23.
Gallery of facial lineaments and hexagrams of the canon ijing.

physiognomic signs of a human face as images for relations

If you own computer shop or are engaged in sale and trade in office equipment then can consider the shown physiognomic signs of emotions of a human face as images for mutual relations of sellers and buyers of computers and office equipments.


Oracle of human emotions.

Oracle of information.
Eyebrows: you perceive true information.
Eyes: you need information.
Mouth: you open own information.

Oracle of situation.
Eyebrows: development of situation is compulsory - independent of people.
Eyes: people are involved in situation - concerning people.
Mouth: assistance of people is necessary - common decision of problems.

Oracle of events.
Eyebrows: you can change events.
Eyes: you attach importance to events.
Mouth: you perceive events actively.


Following 24 facial mark in gallery.
Information of facial signs in trade of computers and office equipments, or shops of cell phones.