Physiognomic sign of a face 17.
Gallery of facial slineaments and hexagrams of the canon ijing.

buyers and clients should feel individual independence

If you own shop of fashionable clothes or otherwise to tell shop of elite models of garments then faces of your sellers and store assistants can express not only the open emotions, but also quiet emotions as buyers in some cases need independence of an emotional atmosphere which is created by sellers of your shop, that is buyers and clients should feel individual independence at a choice of fashionable clothes.


Oracle of human emotions.

Oracle of information.
Eyebrows: you perceive false information.
Eyes: you have reliable information.
Mouth: you say incorrect information.

Oracle of situation.
Eyebrows: development of situation is not compulsory - dependent on people.
Eyes: you involve people in situation - initiate people.
Mouth: assistance of people is inadequate - unsatisfactory result.

Oracle of events.
Eyebrows: you can not change events.
Eyes: you cause motive of events.
Mouth: you perceive events negatively.


Following 18 facial mark in gallery.
Canon of fashionable clothes and shops of elite models of garments, or faces of sales force.