Physiognomic sign of a face 16.
Gallery of facial lineaments and hexagrams of the canon ijing.

emotions in faces of store clerks and assistants

If you are the owner of jewelry shop or are engaged in sale of gold and silver ware then emotions in faces of your store clerks and assistants can be quiet, namely your store clerks can show the indifferent attitude to clients that gives emotional independence to clients and in some cases is more expedient rather than open emotions in faces of sellers at jewelry shop.


Oracle of human emotions.

Oracle of information.
Eyebrows: you know external information.
Eyes: you have reliable information.
Mouth: you open own information.

Oracle of situation.
Eyebrows: development of situation is controllable - coordinated with people.
Eyes: you involve people in situation - initiate people.
Mouth: assistance of people is necessary - common decision of problems.

Oracle of events.
Eyebrows: you realize events.
Eyes: you cause motive of events.
Mouth: you perceive events actively.


Following 17 facial mark in gallery.
Faces of sellers and assistants at jewelry shop, or canon of fashionable clothes.