Physiognomic sign of a face 15.
Gallery of facial lineaments and hexagrams of the canon ijing.

expressions of emotions in faces of sellers and trading clerks

If you are the buyer of shop then can observe expressions of emotions in faces of sellers and trading clerks, and you can estimate quality of articles of trade according to emotions in faces of sellers according to the shown physiognomic signs, as joyful or sad emotions can be an attribute of articles of trade with bad quality.
Sellers can show emotional impartiality and understanding of your interests by means of eyebrows or a mouth, but emotions of eyes cannot be demonstrative and consequently testify to the true attitude to you as to the buyer of the sold articles if trading clerks expresses sincere emotions.


Oracle of human emotions.

Oracle of information.
Eyebrows: you know external information.
Eyes: you have unreliable information.
Mouth: you open own information.

Oracle of situation.
Eyebrows: development of situation is controllable - coordinated with people.
Eyes: people involve you in situation - initiate you.
Mouth: assistance of people is necessary - common decision of problems.

Oracle of events.
Eyebrows: you realize events.
Eyes: you not cause motive of events.
Mouth: you perceive events actively.


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Quality of human emotions in faces of trading clerks or sellers at jewelry shop.