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Physiognomy and Chinese hexagrams.

Open galleries of human emotions.
Geometrical proportions of a human face.
Hexagrams of the Chinese Book of Changes I-Ching.
Analytical psychology and facial asymmetry.

This website represents information on visual physiognomy or exoteric research of facial outlines and lineaments not only in view point of emotional expressions or displays, but also psychological values or meanings which are displayed in constant shapes or geometrical proportions of human faces.
Hexagrams of the Chinese Classical Book or Canon of Changes I-Ching or I-Jing in the context of exoteric concepts of facial physiognomy are symbols which allow to systematize shapes and outlines, or traits and lineaments of a face. And in essence Chinese hexagrams I-Ching allow to systematize features of a human face, that allows to describe psychological meanings of emotions or mental parameters of constant facial shapes and traits by means of binary mathematical characters which symbols of the canon of changes are. Physiognomy of a human face because of binary mathematical characters or symbols of the canon I-Ching can be considered as conjectural or predictive signs for fortunetelling or divination with hexagrams of the Book of Changes of ancient China.

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The word physiognomy consists of Greek "physio" and "gnosis" which mean knowledge or science about human physical nature and personal characters of people.
Physiognomy in modern understanding means scientific art of visual recognition of psychological meanings and physical values of human character traits in facial features or formal shapes in faces of people.
Physiognomy is a scientific visual art, because logical recognition of human faces is an inexplicable skill which is not realized for people. In essence recognition of facial features is a skill to understand language of emotional variations in constant character traits of human faces. As each person during dialogue realizes and expresses basic cognitive information by means of facial mimic motions. And each man or woman sees and realizes faces of other people, but they do not notice subjective facts of visual recognition.
It is possible to tell that understanding of emotional expressions and psychological character traits of human faces is a inexplicable capacity of mankind, but nevertheless physiognomic observation of facial features is a scientific art if eyesight fixes results of visual perception which become mental opinions about physical nature and personal characters of people.
If mental physiognomic opinions about physical nature are systematized by means of Chinese hexagrams of the Chinese Book of Changes I-Ching then understanding of human faces becomes scientific knowledge or science which can be studied or learned the same as mathematics or geometry.
Pages of this web-site and symbolical facial images of online galleries represent the simple and accessible method for ordering of physiognomic opinions by means of mathematical logics and binary system of the Chinese Book of Changes I-Ching. Namely Chinese hexagrams I-Ching allow to draw physiognomic charts and to realize mimic language of emotions and formal parameters of human facial shapes by means of convenient logical system.
Namely galleries on pages of website present physiognomic images or symbols which show emotions or mimic motions of facial lineaments from the view point of emotional changes which are systematized according to Chinese hexagrams I-Ching or I-Jing.
In particular thematic online galleries.
Facial images of emotional impressions - gallery of mental associations and meanings of emotions.
Oracle of physiognomic images - divination of future events and vital situations
Emotional conditions - gallery of illusions and dreams which can be objective or unreal.
Facial relations of people - values and meanings of mutual emotions.
Perception of times - reflections about past or future events.
Website sections.
Concepts of Chinese canon of changes - ratio of binary logical system of hexagrams with facial lineaments.
Emotional types of human faces - identification of emotions by means of astrological calculations.
Circles and rings of emotions - spatial arrangements of physiognomic images.
Also galleries and pages of this website present physiognomic images and charts which allow to estimate types of characters and psychological features of people according to constant forms of human faces or shapes of facial traits which too are systematized according to Chinese hexagrams I-Ching or I-Jing.
Online galleries.
Physiognomic profiles - contours of facial shapes or traits according to the Chinese canon of changes.
Gallery of right and left mental functions - symbolical images of Jungian psychological types.
Gallery of analytical physiognomy - analogies to psychological types of Brigs-Majers Type Indicator.
Website sections.
Concepts of right and left facial halves - physiognomy for Jungian analytical psychology.
Identification of psychological types - principles of analytical physiognomy.
Charts of psychological transactions - spatial arrangements of facial symbols for analytical physiognomy.
Physiognomic levels of half-faces - human physical nature according to facial profiles.
Physiognomic system of half-faces - ratio of facial profiles with concepts of world-wide philosophy.
Measurements of facial proportions - physiognomy for cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery.
Facial lineaments and astrology - ratio with astrological planets and signs of zodiac.
Facial traits and numbers - ratio with numerology and mythological deities.
Human traits in full-face - measurements and coordinates of frontal and lateral perspectives.
Also online pages of this website present information on ratio of physiognomy and Chinese hexagrams I-Ching with movement of time in astrology and meanings of numbers in numerology, characteristics of mythological gods and values of astrological planets, and many other symbols and signs according to which you can realize psychological features of people during visual recognition of formal parameters and geometrical proportions of human faces.
Hexagrams I-Ching and chronology - calendars and chronologic tables.
Divine categories of universe - ratio of Chinese hexagrams I-Ching with triangles of world reality.
Eras and ages of human civilization - chronological cycles of evolution.


I shall be glad if information about conjectural art of face-reading in physiognomy and mantic divinations with Chinese hexagrams of the Classical Book or Canon of Changes I-Ching or I-Jing will be interesting and cognitive exoteric or esoteric themes, and will be worthy your attention.

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