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Gallery of facial expressions.

Choose pictures of physiognomic miniatures at the left and appropriate physiognomic images of a human face or otherwise to tell visual symbolical images of psychological perception of time will be open in this framework in view area of gallery.
Sizes of physiognomic images or dimensions of pictures are approximately 5Kb.

Images in gallery are accompanied by verbal formulas which allow to identify emotional reactions resulting perception of time, namely which allow to realize and understand sense of emotions which arise in faces of people as a result of reflections about past or future events.
Text translations in galleries are made by me, but I am not sure in accuracy of verbal formulas in English interpretations.

Physiognomic images of human faces in galleries of this website are conditional graphical symbols, namely pictures are symbolical appearances of facial emotions. And consequently graphical symbols approximately correspond with a valid range of emotional expressions in human faces. But the shown physiognomic images allow to systematize facial expressions and to unify emotions in the context of physiognomy by means of uniform complex of logic symbols of the canon of changes Yih-King.

Alongside with symbolical images of a human face in gallery there are logic and analytical formulas according to which it is possible to understand psychological attitude of people to the past and future events, and also which allow to consider emotional displays or facial expressions as indicators of positive or negative reflections to the past or the future. Or analytical formulas allow to analyze influence of events of past time on development of vital situations in the future, and as a result allow to predict futurity.
Besides in this gallery there is brief information on ratio of symbolical images of facial expressions with psychological perception not only time, but also other global world categories, namely with physical parameters of space, movement, matter, energy, life. And in essence in this online gallery look information on ratio of symbolical images of emotional displays of a human face and 64 hexagrams of the canon of changes Yih-King with six global world categories which possess corpuscular and wave physical properties.
Information on ratio of global world categories with hexagrams of the canon Yih-King can be interesting in the quantum physics for logic analyses of fundamental interrelations of elementary particles. And also in occult philosophy and theology, because elementary particles in a context of quantum physics can be considered as basic elements of metaphysical matter and energy, or as wave displays of geometrical measurements of space and movement, or as phenomena possessing physical parameters of time and life.


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