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Gallery of emotional conditions.


Choose physiognomic miniatures at the left and corresponding images of a human face or physiognomic symbols of emotional conditions will be open in this framework, in view area of online gallery.
Sizes of images approximately are 7Kb.

Images of physiognomic symbols in gallery are accompanied by prophetic descriptions which allow to analyze values of mimic expressions and meanings of facial emotions, and to understand logical sense of emotional conditions.
Translations of prophetic descriptions are made by me, but I am not sure in meanings of English words.

Physiognomic images of a human face in five galleries look differently, namely outlines of pictures are different graphic figures, but all drawings specify identical variants of emotions or otherwise to tell identical emotional displays of mimic movements. Namely if physiognomic images correspond to one hexagram of the canon of changes Yi-King then in different galleries designate identical facial emotions, though have unequal interpretations which are connected with different mental parameters of human personality.
Interpretations in commenting texts of this gallery describe emotional conditions or mental senses according to which emotions of a face mean illusions of consciousness and imagination, or desires and dreams which can be objective or unreal.

Except for commenting interpretations about mental meanings of emotional conditions, in this gallery there are texts which specify possible spheres or fields of application for the shown symbols of human emotions.
In particular texts speak about application of physiognomic symbols for planning plots in the literature and fine arts, in cartoon animation and motion pictures or screenplays of cinema, in occult philosophy and political sociology, at theatre and television programs on TV, in commertial advertising and fashion magazines, in psychiatry and psychotherapy. And also commenting texts of this online gallery specify some other spheres of human life where symbolical images of human faces or physiognomic symbols of facial mimic expressions can be involved.

And also this gallery shows formulas of analytical philosophy or otherwise to tell logic combinations of words which are connected with physiognomy of a human face and emotional displays of mimic movements.


physiognomic symbols in gallery
concepts of emotional conditions