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Facial relations of people.


Choose physiognomic miniatures at the left and appropriate emotional facial expressions or physiognomic symbols of human emotions will be open in this framework, in view area of online gallery.
Sizes of images are approximately 7+7Kb.

Images of facial emotions in gallery have serial numbers according to hexagrams of the canon of changes YiKing. And also images in gallery are accompanied by commenting texts which allow to identify values and meanings of emotions in faces of people.
Translations of commenting texts are made by me but I am not sure in correctness of words.

In this gallery of facial emotions for everyone hexagram YiKing there correspond two physiognomic images which have insignificant graphic differences, that can be considered as emotional pretence arising in human relations. But it is supposed that emotions are sincere, namely symbolical meanings of facial expressions in logic formulas of commenting texts are not considered as emotional pretence. It is not considered that logic formulas describe pretending emotions of human faces in relations of people.

Except for logic formulas, which describe meanings of facial emotions, in this gallery there are texts describing spheres of human activity and fields of interests where application of the shown physiognomic symbols of faces and hexagrams YiKing is possible.
In particular in commenting texts there are information on application of hexagrams of the canon of changes YiKing and physiognomic symbols of this online gallery in puppet theaters and shows for modifications of facial emotions of theatrical dolls. For make-up arts of popular actors on TV and singers on concert platforms. For decor scenery of television studios for music shows and theatrical stages for dramatic spectacles. For prosthetic make-up of cinematographic actors and creation of fiction faces in movie films or motion pictures. For programming facial emotions of humanoid robots or androids and virtual characters of computer programs. For coordination of emotional expressions in faces of musicians and singers with emotions in poetry of songs or melodies of music. For drawing comics or animated pictures and political caricatures. For creation of facial images for public characters and famous celebrities. For analyses of emotions in faces of sportsmen and forecasting of sports scores in bookmaker offices.
And also commenting texts describe principles according to which the shown physiognomic images of facial emotions in gallery can be involved in various spheres of human activity and fields interests.
For example, if you are engineer who develop technical robots and create anthropomorphic humanoid mechanisms with artificial intellect, or if you are developer of computer programs for programming of intellectual machines, then communication functions and emotional reactions of automotive apparatus to events of world around can correspond with hexagrams of the canon of changes Yi King and with logic combinations of words which describe values of facial emotions of people in online galleries of this website.


physiognomic images in gallery
canon of changes YiKing in faces of people