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Values of emotional expressions in faces of people.
The fourth page gives information about mantic values of facial emotions in gallery which has the name of oracle, namely on commenting texts according to which it is possible to analyze emotional expressions of a human face and to predict behavior of people.

Information of this online page about oracle of emotional displays and mantic formulas for predictions of future human behavior can interest  not only people who are interested in physiognomy and face-reading or esoteric knowledge on features or lineaments of a human face, but also professional psychoanalysts and psychotherapists, as according to facial emotions it is possible to predict and forecast reasons and circumstances of psychological frustrations in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.


Physiognomic oracle of human emotions.
Mantic values of emotional expressions.

Gallery of "oracle".
Oracle is the set of mantic linguistic formulas which are compared to physiognomic images and 64 hexagrams of the Chinese canon of changes I-Ching, thet allows to predict actions according to emotional expressions or displays of a human face. Namely this gallery of oracle considers facial emotion as reasons and circumstances of actions which a person shows or can show concerning world around, and also actions which surrounding people can show concerning a person.
Namely linguistic formulas of face-reading oracle allow to predict behavior of persons who are carriers of facial emotions.

mantic oracler in gallery of emotions


Symbolical values of physiognomic images.
First mantic formula of facial oracle.
Eyebrows symbolize external information.
6 open emotions - you know external news.
7 joyful emotions - you perceive true data.
8 sad emotions - you perceive false knowledge.
9 quiet emotions - you do not know external intelligence.
Eyes symbolize necessity of information.
6 open - you need news.
7 joyful - you have reliable data.
8 sad - you have unreliable knowledge.
9 quiet - you do not need intelligence.
Mouth symbolizes internal information.
6 open - you disclose own news.
7 joyful - you say correct data.
8 sad - you say incorrect knowledge.
9 quiet - you hide own intelligence.
Second mantic formula of facial oracle.
Eyebrows symbolize development of situation and dependence on people.
6 open - evolution is controllable / coordinated with people.
7 joyful - evolution is compulsory / independent of people.
8 sad - evolution is not compulsory / dependent on people.
9 quiet - evolution is uncontrollable / outside of someone's dependence.
Eyes symbolize participation of people in situation.
6 open - people are involved in situation / concerning other persons.
7 joyful - you involve people in situation / initiate other persons.
8 sad - people involve you in situation / initiate you.
9 quiet - people are not involved in situation / no concerning other persons.
Mouth symbolizes influence of people on situation and result of actions.
6 open - assistance is necessary / common decision of problems.
7 joyful - assistance is adequate / satisfactory result.
8 sad - assistance is inadequate / unsatisfactory result.
9 quiet - assistance is unnecessary / individual decision of problems.
Third mantic formula of facial oracle.
Eyebrows symbolize understanding of events or occurrences and doings.
6 open - you realize events.
7 joyful - you can change events.
8 sad - you can not change events.
9 quiet - you do not realize events.
Eyes symbolize importance and personal involving in events or occurrences and doings.
6 open - you attach importance to doings.
7 joyful - you cause motive of doings.
8 sad - you not cause motive of doings.
9 quiet - you do not attach importance to doings.
Mouth symbolizes influence on events or occurrences and doings.
6 open - you perceive occurrences actively.
7 joyful - you perceive occurrences positively.
8 sad - you perceive occurrences negatively.
9 quiet - you perceive occurrences passively.

Commenting texts in this gallery consist of three mantic formulas which correspond with emotional displays of physiognomic levels of a human face and numbers of Chinese numerology, and also positions of lines in hexagrams of the canon of changes I-Ching.
Three mantic linguistic formulas describe ratio of facial emotions with information, situation and events, that means various psychological aspects of surrounding validity and human life.
Surrounding validity in the context of mantic formulas in view of oracle is objective, and a person is subjective, or otherwise to tell human personality perceives external world subjectively. And also mantic formulas of oracle view that surrounding people are subjective and are the reason of subjective perception of validity. Namely each person can perceives validity directly as oneself or by means of people, that is the reason of different emotional displays of a face, and accordingly different circumstances and results of actions.
For example, face of a person exclaims surprise which is meant in the open emotional expression of eyebrows and means that external information is known, and also means comprehension of events and coordination of situation with people. Then if eyes are sad it is possible to assume that earlier the person had unreliable information and has been involved in situation by people, but oneself he did not cause events, namely surprise can be caused by a previous deceit or disinformation. And if mouth is quiet then the person hides available information and does not require assistance of people, and also not going to interfere in succession of events, namely it is possible to predict that the person stops relations with deceiving people and is not going to restore justice.
This example describes face-reading of facial emotions corresponding to 11th physiognomic image and hexagram of the canon of changes I-Ching. And also predictions or conclusions about behavior of a person are made according to words of mantic formulas which accompany with 11 physiognomic image in gallery. But conclusions and predictions can be others, and in essence there can be other possible interpretations which depend on concrete circumstances. Namely it is necessary to correlate physiognomic images and mantic formulas of oracle with concrete facts of human life, then it is possible to do predictions and conclusions about previous or future events.
Let's admit, the same 11th physiognomic image can be interpreted as surprise in occasion that the person has guessed a forthcoming deceit and is not going to give possibility for dodges of deceivers. Or it is possible to interpret as surprise in occasion that people force to do things which person is not going to do.
If 11th physiognomic image is received as a result of prediction then it is possible to assume that there will be a future deceit which should not be taken to heart, or there will be a requirement which does not need to be executed. Or there can be other interpretations which depend on concrete facts and circumstances of human life.
For example, if a purpose of prediction is question on results of interview with your chief or boss then it is possible to assume about disinformation or unrealizable requirements. And if a purpose of prediction is question on results of performance of any work then it is possible to assume that a person understands problem for the sake of which this work should be made, but he is not interested and consequently will not work.
Mantic predictions by means of oracle can be expedient when facial emotions of people are not known, or if you cannot identify emotional expression of own face. For this purpose it is possible to throw three coins.
If there is combination of heads-heads-heads then draw digram.
If there is combination of heads-heads-tails then draw digram.
If there is combination of heads-tails-tails then draw digram.
If there is combination of tails-tails-tails then draw digram.
Draw digrams which correspond to three physiognomic spheres of human face and as a result it will turn out hexagram I-Ching which will specify your emotional expression. And also by means of three coins it is possible to predict hexagrams I-Ching and physiognomic images which will specify facial emotions of other subjects of prediction.
Or for realization of predictions and forecasts by means of mantic formulas of the offered oracle it is possible to use conjectural or fortunetelling cards with pictures or images of physiognomic symbols and hexagrams I-Ching which are presented on pages of this website in other section which is named as game. Fortunetelling cards with images of physiognomic symbols and hexagram I-Ching it is possible to have on squares of game board which is constructed according to rules of the magic square, and as a result by means of various games and patience puzzles it is possible to predict physiognomy of facial features which mean emotional expressions of own face or emotions of other people.

Following page results information about values of human emotional displays in gallery which has the name of relations, and shows physiognomy of facial expressions as symbols arising in relationships of people.

Also pages of this part of website give information about psychological aspects of emotional expressions and universal symbols of binary logics, facial impressions and puppet character of Harlequin, philosophical concepts of human face reading and analytical formulas of hexagrams I-Ching, physiognomic lineaments and features as dreams and phantoms of consciousness.