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Hexagram i-jing 58

conjectural oracle of northern Europe and divination by the Book of Changes

1. Perfect world.
LIBRA - cardinal sign and third quarter of zodiac.
AQUARIUS - firm sign and fourth quarter of zodiac.
GEMINI - mutable sign and first quarter of zodiac.

2. Person.
CRAB - cardinal mark and elements of water.
LEO - firm mark and elements of fire.
VIRGO - mutable mark and elements of ground.

3. Imperfect world - unconscious sphere.
CRAB - initial third of astrological circle and symbol of water element.
LEO - middle third of zodiacal circle and symbol of fiery element.
CAPRICORN - last third of astrological circle and symbol of earth element.

4. Imperfect world - conscious sphere.
PISCES - third segment of zodiacal chart and water natural elements.
LEO - second segment of zodiacal chart and fire natural elements.
TAURUS - first segment of zodiacal chart and ground natural elements.

5. Discrete world - astral sphere.
PISCES - area of slow planets - water elemental nature.
ARIES - area of less rapid planets - fiery elemental nature.
VIRGO - area of fast heavenly bodies - earth elemental nature.

6. Discrete world - ethereal sphere.
SCORPIO - slow heavenly bodies and water elementals.
LEO - less rapid heavenly bodies and fire elementals.
TAURUS - fast planets and ground elementals.


According to ratio of triangles with zodiacal signs in space of the shown astrological charts it is possible to correlate hexagrams of the Chinese canon i-jing to 24 runes of the ancient alphabet of northern Europe, namely with runic symbols of Scandinavian or Germanic Elder Futhark which in the context of modern occult philosophy possess magic meanings and mystical values, or otherwise to tell which is mantic conjectural oracle who allows to predict or tell fortunes, that is equivalent to fortune-telling or divination by the Book of Changes.
Look information about ratio of 24 runes or runic characters of Germanic Elder Futhark or ancient alphabet of northern Europe with twelve zodiacal signs on pages of other website www.wordgame.64g.ru/en.htm in section which has the name of signs of gods.

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