Gallery of universal triangles.
Hexagram i-jing 56

medicinal healing tonics and improving cocktails for fitness therapy

1. Perfect world.
CAPRICORN - cardinal sign and fourth quarter of zodiac.
TAURUS - firm sign and first quarter of zodiac.
VIRGO - mutable sign and second quarter of zodiac.

2. Person.
ARIES - cardinal mark and elements of fire.
TAURUS - firm mark and elements of ground.
GEMINI - mutable mark and elements of air

3. Imperfect world - unconscious sphere.
ARIES - initial third of astrological circle and symbol of fiery element.
VIRGO - middle third of zodiacal circle and symbol of earth element.
AQUARIUS - last third of astrological circle and symbol of air element.

4. Imperfect world - conscious sphere.
SAGITTARIUS - third segment of zodiacal chart and fire natural elements.
VIRGO - second segment of zodiacal chart and ground natural elements.
GEMINI - first segment of zodiacal chart and air natural elements.

5. Discrete world - astral sphere.
SAGITTARIUS - area of slow planets - fiery elemental nature.
TAURUS - area of less rapid planets - earth elemental nature.
GEMINI - area of fast heavenly bodies - air elemental nature.

6. Discrete world - ethereal sphere.
SAGITTARIUS - slow heavenly bodies and fire elementals.
CAPRICORN - less rapid heavenly bodies and ground elementals.
GEMINI - fast planets and air elementals.


According to astrological charts and triangles of four levels of universe it is possible to correlate zodiacal signs and hexagrams of the Chinese canon i-jing to medicinal herbs and healing remedies, also to physiological parameters of a human body and morphological types of constitution, that can be interesting to doctors and dieticians or fitness therapists. As natural herb teas or medical improving cocktails for fitness therapy and treatment of obesity or healthy weight loss, and also biological active tonics and medicinal healing drinks can be made according to 64 hexagrams of the Chinese Book of Changes i-jing.

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