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Forces and points of planets in signs of zodiac.
Knowledge of contemporary astrology.

This section of website on nine pages results information or knowledge which have not accepted in the Moscow Astrological Magazine and American Journals of Astrology. Namely editors of Russian and American Astrological Magazines and Journals have refused publication of this knowledge for people. And also well-known popular astrologers of Moscow Astrological Academy have seen this information as contradicting traditional sights, or otherwise as not academic and consequently undesirable for announcement to people studying astrology.
However this knowledge about forces of planets in signs of zodiac or otherwise about system of planetary points is essential and necessary for comprehension of contemporary or modern astrology. Because former classical or academic system of planetary points is doubtful that leads to mistakes, namely to inadequate understanding of cosmological phenomena and chronobiological or astro-psychophysiological processes which are caused by celestial movement of planets in solar system.
First page shows geometrical figures or otherwise zodiacal configurations in diagrams according to which planets dominate and exalt in the space of astrological circle. Also first online page shows new numerical tables according to which astrologers can calculate planetary points of domination and exaltation in the context of contemporary astrology.
Second page shows geometrical algorithms according to which planetary axes within astrological circle of twelve zodiacal signs form polygonal figure of hexagonal or six-pointed star which determines positions of exalted planets according to new knowledge about planetary points of modern or contemporary astrology.
Third page describes geometrical figures and algorithms according to which zodiacal configurations of relevant and irrelevant planets in space of astrological circle are formed. Also third online page describes obvious and implicit manifestations or displays of planets in psychological structure of human personality according to dominating and exalting planetary positions in the space of zodiacal astrological circle.
Fourth page describes obvious and implicit, also ordinary and extraordinary psychological manifestations or displays of twelve planets in signs of zodiac in the space of astrological circle.
Obvious and implicit psychological manifestations of astrological planets in aggregate with ordinary and extraordinary displays can be compared to typological charts according to which mental types of human personality are systematized in the context of Brigs Majers Type Indicator and Socionics which are derivative from analytical psychology of Carl Gustav Jung, that can be interesting not only from the view point of new knowledge of contemporary astrology, but also for psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.
Fifth page shows geometrical configurations of celestial positions of exalted planets in the space of zodiacal circle according to traditional rules or instructions of classical ancient astrology which is known in contemporary Astrological Academies.
Sixth page describes zodiacal positions and values of exalted planets within geometrical configurations which in the space of astrological circle symbolize ratio of heavenly bodies of solar system with different celestial spheres of universe. Also sixth online page shows ratio of exalted planets with the hexagonal six-pointed star-shape geometrical figure which in the space of twelve zodiacal signs of astrological circle is celestial symbol of Jewish biblical Star of Zion and Christian Heavenly Jerusalem or Kingdom of Heaven which has arisen after Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ, namely after transformation of world reality in the beginning of New Era.
Seventh page describes ratio of twelve astrological planets with axes of global or fundamental world categories which form structure of world reality and universe, also correspond with celestial hierarchy of atmospheric gods in Vedic mythology and divine qualities of six Amesha Spentas in Avestic myths.
Eighth page shows ratio of twelve planets and six global world categories within zodiacal astrological circle with psychological parameters of human personality, also with physiognomic facial features or lineaments of human face which is similar to constructive structure of universe or otherwise to tell universal image of the God.
According to ratio of astrological planets with global world categories and features of human face it is possible to identify mental functions of personality, that is applicable in the context of Brigs Majers Type Indicator and Socionics which are derivative from Jungian analytical psychology, also in the context of contemporary astrology and physiognomy.
Ninth page shows ratio of twelve signs of zodiac and four natural elements within astrological circle with mental functions of human personality in the context of Brigs Majers Type Indicator, Socionics and Jungian analytical psychology, that allows to identify psychological parameters of people according to zodiacal positions of planets in birth charts and celestial horoscopes.
As an example look astrological birth chart or celestial horoscope which is calculated for the moment of time when future beginning of New Age or Aquarius Era will come.


I hope that new system of planetary points and knowledge about planets will be actual, namely will be demanded by contemporary astrology and modern astrologers.
I hope that contemporary astrology will be modern if astrologers will consider new knowledge which in essence are ancient esoteric information, because exaltation of planets in the new system of planetary points form hexagonal star-shape geometrical figure which symbolizes biblical star of Zion or Heavenly Jerusalem in the context of mystical Christian philosophy.

Unfortunately astrological magazines or journals publish horoscopes of politicians and political forecasts, and consequently are not interested in the information about knowledge of contemporary astrology.


Knowledge on nine pages in this section of website can be interesting not only for modern astrologers, or for people who are interested in cosmology and chronobiology, but also for astronomers and astrophysicists, because according to geometrical configurations of planets within astrological circle they can realize spatial positions of heavenly bodies in the space of solar system. Or new knowledge of contemporary astrology about forces of planets in signs of zodiac can interest psychoanalysts and psychotherapists, because zodiacal positions of heavenly bodies in the space of solar system during birth moments of people in celestial horoscopes determine psychological parameters of human personalities.
Or contemporary astrology can be interesting to people who study physiognomy of human faces and new science of Socionics or typological system of Isabel Brigs-Majers in the context of Jungian analytical psychology.
Or knowledge of contemporary astrology can be actual for people who take a great interest in occult philosophy and alternative esoteric sciences.
Also knowledge on nine pages in this section of website can interest dieticians and experts of sports medicine, because according to zodiacal positions and points of planets in celestial horoscopes and birth charts they can identify formal parameters of body builds and shapes of human constitution.
Look information about ratio of astrological planets in horoscopes and birth charts with morphology of human constitution on pages of other website www.labyrinthgallery.64g.ru in online galleries where graphical figures and symbolical images of body builds are shown.