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beginning of New Era and chronology of contemporary calendar


Beginning of Aquarius New Ages and future events.
The eighth page shows initial celestial chart of Aquarius Era and speaks about forthcoming development of human civilization, and also about influence of the last and future epochs on events of New Ages.

Information of this page can be interesting to astrologers who calculate and predict different dates of the next era of zodiacal sign Aquarius according to different astronomical phenomena, and also for futurologists who predict different future of mankind and assume various scenarios of futurity. As understanding of astronomical interrelations of epochs with periods of astro-psychophysiological development of human civilization and birthday of Christ in the beginning of New Era and chronology of the contemporary calendar allows to know about events which should take place during future time when the mankind will be christen by the Holy Spirit of Truth.


Celestial chart of Aquarius Era.
Signs of zodiac and development of human civilization.

The Future Epoch or New Age of Aquarius Era will begin on February, 19th, 2095 when precession projection of the Earth's axis will be in this sign of zodiac and last 84-years cycle of the planet Uranus during Pisces Ages will end, that is shown on the celestial chart or astrological cosmogram.

cosmogram or celestial chart of the Aquarius Era and New Age of Holy Spirit The planet Uranus will cross the beginning of astrological circle at night of full moon on February, 19th, 2095 at 2 o'clock 57 minutes of world time GMT and the first 84-years chronological cycle of the Aquarius Era will begin.
Astronomical event of this celestial chart, namely the beginning of Aquarius Era can not change existing chronology as readout of years from Jesus Christ's birth remain constant.
And also beginning of the Aquarius Era can not affect on orders of church holidays, though this date can be a mark for measuring of seven-year periods which are written in the Bible in 25th chapter in the book of Leviticus.
Look the detailed information on the calendar of biblical seven-year periods on pages of other website:


Pay attention that the Sun in shown celestial chart is in the apex between zodiacal signs Pisces and Aquarius where as if specifies the beginning of Aquarius Era at this particular time.
And also pay attention that in connection with the planet Uranus is Venus which symbolizes feminism. Hence, the beginning of Aquarius Era will be marked by significant role of a woman in development of human civilization. Astrologers and futurologists many speak about it though can not explain a source of own conclusions, but if look on the celestial chart then it is obvious.
The approached position of the planet Venus to Uranus near to the beginning of astrological circle was on 1424 AD which was time of Jeanne d'Arc or St. Joan of Arc. Therefore it is possible to assume historical role of a woman whose person will comparable to person of Jeanne d'Arc or Virgin of Orleans or "la pucelle d’Orléans" in French language. Provided that near to the planet Uranus on 1424 AD also there was Mars which symbolizes bellicosity, and consequently character of a female role in the beginning of Aquarius Era will be other rather than features of Jeanne de Arc.
And also near position of Venus to Uranus in the east of astrological circle was on 0252 and 0503 AD. It is possible to assume that these years were time of Saints Ekaterina and Margarita as these saint Virgins came to Jeanne Dark in visions.
And also Saint Michael together with Ekaterina and Margarita came to Jeanne Dark in visions. Time of this Saint could be 0336 AD as then the Sun was near to Venus and Uranus in the eastern beginning of astrological circle.

I can not explain meanings of other planets in the shown celestial chart, and also I can not tell about social layers of human society and political forces which correspond to planets, as this remote time and not all roles can be clear now. But it is possible to analyze celestial charts on the previous page and according to historical events of the Pisces Epoch to predict events of Aquarius Era. Namely according to historical processes of last epochs it is possible to expect events of future time, as periods history have cyclic recurrence. And also according to historical persons, whose roles in history correspond with planets in celestial charts or maps, it is possible to expect roles of future historical characters and to predict occurrence of epoch-making heroes which will initiate development of civilization.
Undoubtedly that future events will be made when mankind will be ready to accept succeeding changes. The New Testament kept much that Jesus Christ spoke about the future, that becomes clear not at once but during time when dates for corresponding events comes. As people develop gradually and with each new epoch change notion about world around. Earlier Jesus spoke parables but there comes time when knowledge can be told obviously, because now people are capable to understand. This is key difference of the next Aquarius Era from previous epochs, namely about complex divine laws and esoteric principles of universe will be obviously told, that words of the Christ specify in the Gospel of John at 16 chapter.
"I have much more to tell you, but you cannot bear it now."
The important feature of Aquarius Era is aspiration to unity of people that can be the basis of a fair world community of nations, as notion of people about value of important persons or separate state formations will change, and connection of each person and all people with the common development of civilization will be realized. In particular people begin to understand that individual psycho-physiological development of a person or cultural evolution of a state can be feasible only at unification with the common destiny of mankind. It is possible to tell that people begin to realize relation of individual actions with world events which take place contemporary or should occur in the future.
The unity of people in a combination to autocracy of one person or group of people can become the reason of world tyranny. Though autocracy is not direct feature of Aquarius in astrology, but it occurs from the Leo Epoch which corresponds to opposite sign on the zodiac within astrological circle, that is shown on the picture.

influence of epochs on Aquarius Era in astrological circle of zodiac As it is possible to see, Aquarius as zodiacal sign is opposite to the Leo which epoch has significant influence. Namely Aquarius Era will have echoes or reminiscences of historical events which are not caused by his zodiacal characteristics but are astrological features of the Leo sign on zodiac. And in particular autocracy can be shown or otherwise to tell tendencies to association of national states by uniform world dictatorship.
Actually each epoch is a cumulative action of all historical eras, but various actions as epochs influence each other with different intensity, that depends on aspects by which corresponding signs of zodiac are interconnected within astrological circle, that arrows show on the picture. It is possible to tell that historical echo of all epochs is shown within each era, but some of them have greater value.
Aquarius Era has greatest influence from epochs of zodiacal signs Leo or Taurus and Scorpio which form most significant aspects in rules of astrology.

Leo Era threatens with a world tyranny or dictatorship of one state, or group of national formations forming one global government, but own astrological feature of Aquarius sign of zodiac is aspiration to equality of rights and equity of all people. that allows to assume about future creation of a multi-polar world in which functions of a global government will carry out political structures which are similar to the UN or United Nations.
Scorpio Era threatens with wrong understanding of psycho-physiological nature of mankind, that is peculiar for zodiacal sign of Scorpio and was a reason of the Global Flood.
In particular influence of the Scorpio Era can be shown in mental manipulations by mass consciousness and psycho-physiological impacts on free will of people, that contradicts processes as a result of which human souls have development. But own feature of Aquarius sign of zodiac in a context of astrology is aspiration to independence and freedom of each person, that allows to predict evolution of human society according to principles of free will and independent individual evolutions of people in community.
Taurus Era threatens with danger multi deities and occurrence of false religious beliefs according to which different religions can be united by theological concepts similar to pantheons of gods in the ancient world when precession projection of the Earth's axis coincided with the Taurus sign of zodiac. But own feature of Aquarius Era in astrology is aspiration to association of people by one idea, that excludes existence of plural philosophical opinions and theological disagreements. And consequently it is possible to predict development of human civilization according to ideas of Christian philosophy as Ioann Krestitel or John the Forerunner spoke that mankind should be christened by Spirit, and it corresponds to astrological principle and symbol of Aquarius which spills Spiritual Truth on the Earth.
And also positive astrological features of zodiacal signs Leo or Scorpio and Taurus can be shown during Aquarius Era. Namely wars can stop and social well-being can be reached, that corresponds with astrological characteristics of Taurus and Leo, and as a result favorable conditions for psycho-physiological transformations will be created, or otherwise to tell transmutation of mankind according to astrological features of Scorpion before next ages of Capricorn Era when human civilization will be christened by Fire.
But also negative astrological features of Aquarius sign of zodiac can be shown, that threatens with scientific atheism and technological progress of civilization without psycho-physiological evolution of human beings, that as a result can cause unification of people without possibility of individual development.
In total negative and positive zodiacal features of all epochs can be shown, but however Aquarius Era will be time of very important psycho-physiological changes, and as a result many people can understand much that earlier was impossible. The instruction on it are Jesus Christ's words in the Gospel of John in 16 chapter.
"I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear.
But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come."

Namely it is possible to expect that Era of Aquarius ages becomes time of the Spirit of Truth when there are no doubts that human life is not limited by material world, but the man is Image of the God and Alive Soul. It was known within ages of Pisces but during Aquarius Era this knowledge will be obviously told and also will be clear to people, that will be a basis for comprehension and insight of secrets which are the Divine Trinity.
Somewhat zodiacal features of Aquarius Era are shown already now in the beginning of 21st century AD, but it only a threshold of future time which will be ahead!
To expect events and knowledge of Aquarius Era it is necessary to consider religious notions of people of all previous centuries from viewpoint of astrology which allows not only to predict succeeding future, but also to analyze preceding past.
Eras of zodiacal signs Sagittarius and Scorpio preceded the Global Flood at last millenniums of Atlantis when human beings synthesized general knowledge and have created complete idea about laws of the Universe during Epoch of Sagittarius. And then during Epoch of Scorpio human beings of Atlantis were capable to transform material world that could lead to catastrophic consequences or otherwise tell to transformations denying existence of a life. Therefore civilization of Atlantis has been destroyed for the sake of life preservation.
Era of the Libra sign of zodiac corresponds with expansion of mankind as one of genetic forms of a life on the planet Earth after Global Flood.
Small number of population and fear of loneliness caused aspiration of people to each other and as a result there was knowledge that personalities exist only if are perceived by other human beings or have communication with the God.
As zodiacal sign of Libra symbolizes balance of personalities.
Pay attention that zodiacal signs Libra and Ares are opposite and consequently to these epochs there corresponds different understanding of personal existence. Namely people realize own existence as realized by someone another in the first case, but each one possess personal consciousness in the second case.
Era of the Virgo sign of zodiac corresponds to time when people idolized elements of the nature, namely fire or water, that corresponds with animalistic religions and has comparison with contemporary pagan outlook according to which people trust in magic energy of fire or healthy force of water.
Zodiacal sign of Virgo is opposite for Pisces Epoch that corresponds to different perception of the nature. People trust that fire possesses clearing energy or water changes molecular structures of human bodies in the first case, but belief of people influences natural elements in the second case. And also water symbolizes christening which changes human nature in the second case.
Era of the Leo sign of zodiac was time when people idolized totemic animals and felt blood relationship or consanguinity according to belonging to tribes or clans which descend from wolfs or bears, that has significant influence on Aquarius Era because Leo is opposite sign on the zodiac. But difference consists that at the new stage of psycho-physiological development human populations will feel spiritual unity which has other sense rather than sensation of totemic interrelations.
For example, belonging of sports fans to those or other soccer or football teams can be considered as projection of pagan Totemism or echo of the Leo Epoch in realities of contemporary culture. But during Aquarius Era there will be spiritual unity of mankind or separate social communities, what Jesus in particular spoke for apostles when appealed to love each other.
Era of the Crab sign of zodiac corresponds with comprehension of potential existence of human lives after death in memory of other people, as this sign on the zodiac personifies reminiscences about bygone days that is possible to compare with contemporary theosophical doctrines about regeneration of a new life or otherwise to tell reincarnations of people, that is not true as individual reminiscences of people disappear as a result of reincarnations.
It is necessary to tell that notion about immortality of personalities has arisen later within the Era of Ares and became possible during ages of Pisces. And also immortality of human personalities will have further development in the future millenniums of zodiacal sign Capricorn when mankind will be christened by Fire, because Capricorn and Crab are opposite signs within astrological circle.
Actually immortal souls have no reincarnation, but if personalities have no immortality then there are regenerations of new lives, and consequently the Christian church denies regeneration of souls.

Era of the Gemini sign of zodiac corresponds to comprehension of true essence of the God as an incomprehensible being who nevertheless is accessible to human mind which is capable to realize unknown, because the Covenant of God with Abraham at this time has been concluded.
This epoch was time when people estranged each other because of division of languages, and as a result there was intolerance to other ideological notions. But thereof there was a variety of outlooks and different understanding of world laws. And also nations communicated and aspired to spread knowledge, that is characteristic for the Gemini sign of zodiac from viewpoint of astrology.
This epoch is opposite for time of zodiacal sign Sagittarius when knowledge of people have been synthesized in common notions and universal ideas about absolute laws of the Universe. And also Gemini have astrological correlations with the Pisces Epoch during which division of languages and nations too is the fact, and in particular separation of Christian churches.
Era of the Taurus sign of zodiac corresponds to time when separate ideas were united in uniform systems of knowledge and as a result there were pantheons of gods, that is comparable to contemporary lines to association of different religions and philosophical concepts. But difference consists that during Aquarius Era every possible religious notions will be systematized and classified in viewpoint of scientific knowledge that cannot lead to occurrence of any new religion, because modernizations of ideological outlooks actually will be backward retrospectives of the past epochs if will not be focused on truth which the Christ spoke.
During the Taurus Epoch there was understanding of physical laws which are caused by volition of gods, that is contrast for ages of Scorpio when people were capable to change physical laws and transform material world, namely when human beings have knowledge for possible realization of transformations by volitions of people. Because Scorpio and Taurus are opposite signs on the zodiac, that also can be a source of social materialism or comprehension of non-material metaphysical laws of the Universe during Aquarius Era.
Era of the Ares sign of zodiac corresponds to time when mankind has realized presence of the God on the Earth outside of material shapes. It was known during previous Epoch of Taurus but valid psycho-physiological comprehension has been reached later. Namely there was a religious idea about unpronounceable and existing name of the God, that has correlations with the Epoch of Crab when preservation of human names in memory of future generations was realized as a mortgage of immortality. But people within ages of Ares have realized unknown name of the God, that is equivalent to comprehension of nameless immortality.
In particular the God's name has been named for Moses.
Look information on unpronounceable name of YAHWE or JEHOVAH or tetragrammaton YHWH on pages of other website:
Actually psycho-physiological knowledge about One God was formed during Era of Ares, but pantheons of many gods were kept, and finally paganism has stopped during epoch of the following sign on zodiac.
Era of the Pisces sign of zodiac.
All previous history of mankind is concentrated in the Epoch of Pisces, because the birth of Christ became possible according to the level of psycho-physiological development which was reached during last millenniums when there was preconditions of knowledge according to which people could to understand the birth essence of God as the Son of Man. This knowledge very extensive but actually all aspects of information or otherwise to tell Gnosis of human civilization, and also stages of psycho-physiology during last epochs and in perspectives of next millenniums are listed in the Symbol of Apostles or Apostolic Creed which is a summary of basic Christian outlook.
"I believe in God, the Father almighty, Creator of heaven and earth.
And I believe in Jesus Christ, only Son of God, our Lord;
who was announced by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary,
suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was arisen.
He descended into hell, and on the third day he rose again from the dead.
He ascended into heaven, and is seated at the right hand of God the Father almighty.
And he will come to judge the living and dead.
I believe in the Holy Spirit,
the holy catholic Church and communion to saints,
the forgiveness of sins for resurrection of bodies and life everlasting.

Namely the basis of psycho-physiological development during the Pisces Age became knowledge about revival and risen of the Christ. As sense of human life cannot be clear without notion of Resurrection, and further way of civilization cannot be clear without idea of Ascension. Now this knowledge is under construction but in the future becomes realized and possible for realization, because development of ideas conducts to causal changes of minds. Because psychological potential of consciousness attract changes and transformations in physiological parameters of human bodies, and as a result complex psycho-physiological development of civilization has evolution, namely boundless and supernatural possibilities of mankind reveal during eras and epochs.
Now ages of Pisces come to the end on time of 21 century AD and Aquarius Era begins, and consequently mankind will be have new conditions for further development, namely there will be new knowledge which should be realized. This knowledge will be from the Spirit of Truth which is spoken by the Christ, that is written in John's Gospel in 14 and 16 chapters.
"But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you."
"But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.
He will bring glory to me by taking from what is mine and making it known to you."

The following page compares chronological cycles of the planet Uranus to the future events which are described in the Book of Revelation or in the Apocalypse of John.