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chronological cycles of Uranus and Daniel's prophecy


Chronological cycles of Uranus and Daniel's prophecy.
The fifth page shows ratio of chronological cycles of the planet Uranus with events in the Bible and calendar dates in the book of prophet Daniel. And also astronomical characteristics of Uranus are shown as image of the eighth sky or heaven in mythological and cosmological model of the Universe.

The information of this page can be interesting to political scientists and sociologists. because Daniel's prophecies in the Bible describe national and social processes within 420 years in history of human society, that according to ratio of 420 years with symbols of the Chinese canon of changes I Ching and chronological cycles of the planet Uranus in a context of astrology allows to do state sociological prognoses if to consider cyclic repeatability of historical processes.


Planet Uranus and mythological eighth sky.
Historical dates in Daniel's prophecies.

The planet Uranus is astronomical formation which according to physical and mathematical parities of heavenly bodies has concrete place in solar system where as cosmic phenomenon is not only physical and mathematical magnitude in spatial harmony of planets in view of astronomy, but also is the index of historical processes and events in lives of people in a context of astrology.
Cycle time around of the Sun and other astronomical cycles of the planet Uranus symbolize chronological sizes which correspond with important events in lives of people and key moments of development of human civilization, that has been described on the first page in this section of website. It is possible to tell that the founder of Universe has placed this planet in that place of solar system where it specifies significant events, and consequently movement of Uranus corresponds with changes which are carried out in a human life on the Earth.
Besides the planet Uranus as astronomical formation and heavenly body possesses unique system of satellites and rings, that is shown on the picture.

rings and satellites of the planet Uranus as mythological eighth sky Rings and satellites of Uranus are comparable to symbols of the canon of changes I Ching and some other esoteric sign systems.
In particular 13 rings correspond with 13 hexagonal symbols which are derivatives of 64 hexagrams in the canon I Ching which are connected with time periods having durations 7, 84, 420, 2100 years, that there corresponds to chronological cycles of the planet Uranus.
Or rings of Uranus are comparable to 13 months of chronological cycle TZOLKIN in the calendar of Maya.
The information about calendar of Maya look on pages of other website: www.wordgame.64g.ru.
Quantity of satellites of the planet Uranus now in view of contemporary astronomy is not known. Astronomers have approximately seen 27 satellites, but the exact number can be other, and can correspond to numerical values of some calendar or mythological sign systems.
It is possible to assume that the planet Uranus has 29 satellites, that corresponds to the pantheon of 42 gods who surround throne of Osiris or Usiris in a context of Egyptian mythology, as 13+29=42.
And also number 42 corresponds to 43 letters in the Cyril's Slavic alphabet, as 13 rings + 29 satellites + 1 planet Uranus = 43.


In total the planetary system of satellites and rings of Uranus can be considered as image of the eighth sky or heaven which is described in the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri or in the book referred to as Slavonic Enoch, and also in mythological systems of ancient world in a context of different religious teachings and mystical doctrines. If to consider that ancient cosmological schemes of the universe knew seven planets to which there corresponded seven heavenly levels, and the eighth sky corresponded to sphere of stars because the eighth planet Uranus was unknown. But actually the eighth sky corresponds with the planet Uranus in view of contemporary astronomy and astrology.
In the Book of Enoch it is written that he has seen the face of God in the eighth sky or higher than the seventh heaven.
"And Gabriel caught me up, as a leaf caught up by the wind, and placed me before the Lordís face. And I saw the eighth heaven..."
"Thus in a moment of eternity I saw the Lordís face, but the Lordís face is ineffable, marvelous and very awful, and very, very terrible. And who am I to tell of the Lordís unspeakable being, and of his very wonderful face? And I cannot tell the quantity of his many instructions, and various voices, the Lord's throne is very great and not made with hands, nor the quantity of those standing round him, troops of cherubim and seraphim, nor their incessant singing, nor his immutable beauty, and who shall tell of the ineffable greatness of his glory."

And in the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri in Canto XXIII of Paradise there are words of Beatrice about the eighth heaven.
"Behold the hosts of Christ's triumphal march, and all the fruit harvested by the rolling of these spheres!"
"There triumpheth, beneath the exalted Son of God and Mary, in his victory, both with the ancient council and the new, he who doth keep the keys of such a glory."

These words mean that the planet Uranus surrounded by system of rings and satellites is image of the kingdom of heavens or Heavenly Jerusalem in a context of mystical Christian philosophy, that also corresponds to concepts of the Chinese philosophy in which context astrological Uranus is the Star of Celestial King, or also corresponds to concepts of other mythological systems and religious doctrines in which the eighth sky is a throne of the God.
Look additional information on the eighth sky at the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri on pages of this website in the section where physiognomy of a human face is described. And also look Canto XXIII of Paradise in texts of the Divine Comedy, or look other sources of information.
It is necessary to notice that now the planet Uranus absorbs heat more rather than reflects or radiates, that in the future can become the reason for occurrence of new star. Namely the solar system can become as astronomical design of two stars.
And also it is necessary to tell that all planets in solar system, and also planetary satellites and rings symbolize esoteric sign systems according to which pantheons of gods are organized, or calendars and alphabets are constructed, that I shall try to tell in the future.
It is impossible to speak that the planet Uranus is a phenomenon which personifies the God and influences on lives of people, or astrophysical magnitude which influences development of historical processes on the Earth, that sometimes authors wrongly affirms in astrology. As the planet Uranus is only heavenly symbol of events which are predetermined by the God, or otherwise to tell the astronomical index which is located in the certain place of solar system where specifies historical events which are carried out if people and nations aspire to predeterminations of the God.
The essence of foreordained events becomes clear if to correlate chronological cycles of planets to historical events which were in the past or is in the present. For example, in the Bible in Daniel's prophecies or 9th chapter in the book of prophet Daniel there are scriptures about number of years which should be from decree about restoration before destruction of Jerusalem.
"... I, Daniel, tried to understand in the Scriptures the counting of the years of which the LORD spoke to the prophet Jeremiah: that for the ruins of Jerusalem seventy years must be fulfilled."
And also there is the text that archangel Gabriel has explained to Daniel mystical sense of the prophecy in the Scriptures of Jeremiah. Namely archangel Gabriel told that seventy seven-year periods are predetermined to Jerusalem to accept and anoint the Christ as Lord.
"Seventy weeks are decreed for your people and for your holy city: Then transgression will stop and sin will end, guilt will be expiated, Everlasting justice will be introduced, vision and prophecy ratified, and a most holy will be anointed."
Namely archangel Gabriel has told that the restored Jerusalem will be again destroyed if the Christ will not be anointed as the Lord after end of seventy seven-year periods.
And also archangel Gabriel has told that term of seventy seven-year periods begins from time when there will be the decree about restoration of Jerusalem.
Conversation of prophet Daniel with archangel Gabriel has taken place in the first year of Darius' reign, that is written in the Bible, and command about restoration of Jerusalem was given by Darius II in the second year of reign, that is known according to historical chronicles. Namely command has been given at first by tsar Cyrus, and then Darius II has confirmed this decree. Or there is an opinion of historians that originally command has been given by Artaxerxes I and finally has been approved by Darius II.
Reign of the Persian tsar Darius II has historical date 424-405 years B.C. that is known from the Canon of Tsars of ancient Greek historian Ptolemy. Hence, command about restoration of Jerusalem was on 422 or 421 B.C. that is comparable with small pentacycle of the planet Uranus, as the time interval between 421 B.C. and 0001 year of the New Era is approximately equal to 420 years.
Other acknowledgement for conversation of prophet Daniel with archangel Gabriel at specified historical time is date of destruction of the Jerusalem temple on 70th year of New Era, that is known according to Joseph Flavius' books. Namely if seventy seven-year periods are 7x70=490 and if to subtract 70 years of New Era from 490 then we have 490-70=420, that also corresponds with small chronological pentacycle of Uranus.
Similarly according to chronological cycles of the planet Uranus it is possible to analyze other historical dates and facts which are described in the Bible and in many other ancient sources of information. For example, in the Bible in 11th chapter in the book of prophet Daniel there is scripture about events which were informed by angel.
"Three kings of Persia are yet to come; and a fourth shall acquire the greatest riches of all. Strengthened by his riches, he shall rouse all the kingdom of Greece."
Three kings after Darius II are following historical characters.
Artaxerxes II - 405-359 B.C.
Artaxerxes III - 359-338 B.C.
Arses - 338-336 B.C.
The fourth king is Darius III who reigned during 336-331 B.C. and was at war with Greeks, but was defeated by Alexander the Great on 331 B.C.
And also in 11th chapter of Daniel's prophecies there is the following scripture.
"But a powerful king shall appear and rule with great might, doing as he pleases. No sooner shall he appear than his kingdom shall be broken and divided in four directions under heaven ..."
These words of angel are told about Alexander the Great who has won the Persian kingdom and has created own empire, and also about disintegration of empire after Alexander the Great death.
And so on the angel in the book of prophet Daniel has announced events which should occur during seventy seven-year period before destruction of Jerusalem. Namely the angel has told about historical dates which correspond with small pentacycle of the planet Uranus between 421 B.C. and 0001 year of New Era, and also about interval of time up to 70 A.D. when the Jerusalem temple has been destroyed.
If to compare the listed historical dates to the chronological table on first page in this section of website then you can see following ratio.
Kingdoms of Darius II and Artaxerxes II approximately correspond with the first 35-years period of small chronological pentacycle of Uranus.
Kingdom of Artaxerxes II approximately corresponds with the second 35-years period.
Kingdoms of Artaxerxes II and Artaxerxes III, and also Arses and Darius III, and also occurrence and disintegration of the Alexander the Great empire approximately correspond with the third 35-years period.
Fourth and fifth 35-years periods correspond with new kingdoms which have arisen on the place of Alexander the Great empire.
Pay attention that the fourth period corresponds to 1st and 2nd, and the following fifth period corresponds to 63rd and 64th hexagrams, which mean the beginning and the end in sequence of symbols in the Book of Changes I Ching.

The following page compares chronological cycles of the planet Uranus with the Star of Magi and historical date of the Jesus Christ birth, and also with the beginning of New Era of contemporary chronology.