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biblical chronology of human progression in astrology


Biblical chronology of human progression in astrology.
The fourth page results data on the key moments of time at development progressions of human civilization according to texts of the Bible, and also the scriptural biblical chronology is compared to epochs and eras in astrology.
Besides eight trigrams Ba Gua of the Chinese I Ching are compared to family members of the biblical Noah.

The information can be interesting for numerologists and to scientific researchers of the Chinese book I Ching, and also for interior and landscape designers who use principles of Feng Shui, because parts of the world or spatial coordinates and trigrams Ba Gua in comments of the Chinese Book of Changes incorrectly correspond with the magic square of Pythagorean numerological numbers, that is the reason of errors and mistakes in design of interiors and landscapes.


Biblical epochs of human civilization development.
Chronology in the Bible and zodiacal signs in astrology.

In books of the Bible it is written about development of civilization before and after the Global Flood. In essence the Bible gives scriptural information on different civilizations which history is divided with the Flood, or otherwise to tell global flooding and destruction of mankind.
It is difficult to speak about historical events and evolution of people up to the Global Flood, but it is possible to assume that it was the civilization with name of Atlantis.
The history of actual human civilization after the Global Flood began from Noah and his three sons, that is comparable to ending of the Scorpio Epoch and beginning of the Libra Age according to the chronological scale which is connected with astronomical precession of the Earth's axis and signs of zodiac in a context of astrology.
Namely if to consider the scheme of historical periods of ancient China on the second page in this website section and chronological duration of epochs according to precession projection of the Earth's axis on astrological circle then it is possible to compare beginning of actual civilization to 14000 millennium BC or before New Era, and also date of Global Flood in the Bible can be correlated with zodiacal signs of Scorpio and Libra, that is shown on the chart.
And also in view of astrology there are other indications which allow to correlate the beginning of history of actual mankind to zodiacal signs of Scorpio and Libra, that I shall try to tell in the future.

scheme of historical chronology in the Bible and zodiacal signs in astrology Signs of zodiac in white circles are cardinal and specify the most significant historical epochs of Libra, Crab and Aries which correspond with the most significant events in the Bible, that is correspond to key milestone marks of biblical chronology.
Sector of astrological circle between zodiacal signs Scorpio and Libra has the name "Burnt Way" or Via Combusta. This sector in a context of astrology is considered as adverse, that indirectly specifies chronological time of the Global Flood.
Atlantis existed before the Flood.
Noah and sons were the beginning of civilization after the Flood.
Set of biblical events in the Old Testament corresponds to ages when Atlantis existed and Noah has been rescued during the Global Flood, and also Abraham and Moses lived, namely from the beginning of world till the Pisces Epoch when the New Era from birth of the Christ has begun.
Events in the New Testament correspond to the beginning of Pisces Age.
Contemporary time corresponds with sector of astrological circle in the ending of zodiacal sign Pisces when New Age or Era of Aquarius begins.
Numbers specify duration of epochs according to precession projection of the Earth's axis to astrological circle.

In the Bible there is not enough information on epochs which were before the Global Flood. There is the chronological sequence of generations from Adam up to Noah (Genesis, chapter 5th) and there are some data on these generations, but more there is no scriptural information.
Also in the Bible there is not enough information on time from the Global Flood up to Abraham. There is chronological sequence of generations from Shem to Abraham (Genesis, chapter 11th) but details of information are absent.
At research of biblical chronology it is necessary to consider that numbers in the Bible, apparently, differ from contemporary decimal numbers. It is possible to assume that biblical chronology has unknown scale of notation which is non-comparable to contemporary calendars. For instance, it is possible to assume that biblical numbers correspond with astronomical cycle of the planet Neptune, as the chronological sequence of generations from Adam to the Global Flood makes 1654. Namely Adam 130 + Seth 105 + Enosh 90 + Kenan 70 + Mahalalel 65 + Jared 160 + Enoch 65 + Methuselah 187 + Lamech 182 + Noah 500 + 100 = 1654.  Adam has given birth to Seth at 130 years old, Seth to Enosh at 105, Enosh to Kenan at 90, Kenan to Mahalalel at 70, Mahalalel to Jared at 65, Jared to Enoch at 160, Enoch to Methuselah at 65, Methuselah to Lamech at 187, Lamech to Noah at 182, Noah to Shem and Ham and Japheth at 500 years, and after that the Global Flood has taken place when Noah was in the age of 600 years old. If to divide 1654 by number of generations then duration of astronomical cycle of the planet Neptune is 165 years approximately. But numerological secret of the biblical chronology is not known as a matter of fact. It is necessary to know sizes of time and phenomena of chronological measures to understand logic of biblical calculations.
Actually chronological sequence of generations in the Bible differs from time scale and numbers which correspond to millenniums of history and epochs of human civilization according to precession projection of the Earth's axis, but the biblical chronology corresponds with cardinal zodiacal signs which can be considered as the most significant for development of human civilization. Namely the Bible describes astrological epochs of zodiacal signs Libra when Noah lived, and also Crab when the God has concluded the Covenant with Abraham. Also the epoch of zodiacal sign Aries when Moses lived and there was religion of the One God is most in detail described. Other ages have smaller values and consequently are not considered in the Bible, but it is possible to consider sequence of epochs in a context of other world cultures and religions to coordinate bible chronological events with global chronology.
Epochs or millenniums previous to ages of zodiacal sign Scorpio and Global Flood concern to time when the Atlantis existed and civilization was much developed in the spiritual plan, but psycho-physiological progression of Atlantis was wrong as people neglected the Spirit Divine. Namely people abused freedom of will and used mental spiritual energy for realization of wills which contradicted principles of mutual respect and benevolent coexistence of living creatures, or otherwise to tell global principles of cosmic laws and orders of the civilized life existence in the Universe, and consequently there was destruction of Atlantis.
Epoch of zodiacal sign Libra - 14 millennium B.C.
This epoch began from the Global Flood when Noah and three his sons Shem, Ham, Japheth, and also wife of Noah and wives of his sons were rescued in the Ark. In the sum 8 persons that corresponds to the Eight Trigrams Ba Gua of the Chinese canon of changes I Ching, as shown in the chart.

Eight Ba Gua for planning landscapes and interior design by rules of Feng Shui It is necessary to tell that the shown chart of Eight Trigrams Ba Gua corresponds to directions of the world cardinal points or spatial coordinates according to positions of numbers in the magic square of Pythagorean numerology, but other spatial arrangements of Eight Ba Gua are described in comments which have the name APPENDIX V in the Chinese classical Book of Changes I Ching.
Artists of interiors and landscape designers use positions of Eight Trigrams Ba Gua according to comments of APPENDIX V for planning landscapes and interior design by rules of Feng Shui, but it is error. As proper correlations of Ba Gua with directions of spatial cardinal points or coordinates of world space should correspond to magic positions of numbers in numerology as it is shown on the chart, that principles of Feng Shui would be correct, and arrangements of furniture in interiors of home or office premises would correspond to global geometry.
The detailed information on this theme I shall try to publish in the future.


The shown spatial arrangement of Eight Trigrams Ba Gua of the Chinese canon I Ching corresponds to notions about domestic structures and relations in families of ancient China, and also corresponds with names of eight members of the Noah's family.
Shem - senior first son.
Ham - middle second son.
Japheth - younger third son.
Noah is the father.
Female names of Noah's family members are not named in the Bible.
Eight genetic types in the Ark became the beginning of huge racial and ethnic variety of people in the actual world. Namely in the Bible it is written that descendants of Japheth have occupied west islands, and consequently it is considered that Japheth and his wife were ancestors of European people, as the culture of Europe arose in Greece and on islands of Mediterranean sea. Descendants of Ham lived in the south, and consequently it is considered that Ham and his wife were ancestors of African people. Shem lived at east mountain, and if to assume the Himalayas then Shem and his wife were ancestors of Asian people. And also ancestors of contemporary people and nations were children who had birth from Noah and his wife after the Global Flood.
The name of biblical Shem is conformable and consonant for name of Fu Hsi (Pao-hsi) who was the first emperor of China or the primogenitor who has created system of Eight Trigrams Ba Gua if to see comments of the Book I Ching. Therefore it is possible to assume that the Bible and comments of the Chinese classical Book of Changes inform about one man.
Shem was in the age of 100 years when there was the Global Flood according to biblical chronology, and consequently the system of Eight Trigrams Ba Gua could be taken from Atlantis. Because Shem was born in Atlantis and knew ancient sciences and knowledge.
Pay attention that the astrological symbol of zodiacal sign Libra is a digram in which bottom line is entire and top line is break. Hence, it is possible to consider this sign of zodiac as a symbol of epoch when Eight Trigrams of Ba Gua were created.
Epochs of zodiacal signs Virgo and Leo - 12 and 10 millenniums B.C.
It is impossible to tell about these eras anything certain as in texts of the Bible about these historical periods there is no scriptural information.
Epoch of zodiacal sign Crab - 8 millennium B.C.
During this epoch on the Earth there was one language and people built the Babel Tower to create a name to themselves, namely to hold in remembrance themselves in the future generations. But the God has mixed languages and has divided people that nations have ceased to build the Babel Tower, as names of people and memoirs of descendants have no basic value in view of divine logic about immortality.
It is possible to assume that the Babel Tower is any not kept destroyed construction in Mesopotamia though the Bible does not speak about destruction, but is told that the God has divided people that nations could not build. And consequently the Babel Tower can be the Egyptian pyramids.
It is considered that Egyptian pyramidal constructions and in particular the Great Pyramid of Cheops or Khufu and other monumental designs on plateau in Giza are constructed in 3 or 2 millenniums B.C. considerably after the Epoch of Crab. But some researchers of ancient Egypt consider that the age of pyramids has size 8 or 6 thousand years B.C. that is comparable to the Epoch of Crab.
And also some Egyptologists consider that stone pyramids in Giza are constructed very much for a long time up to the Global Flood, and Egyptians built pyramids of bricks in 2-3 or 6-8 millenniums B.C.
Pay attention that builders used burnt bricks and earthen pitch in construction of the Babel Tower, as it is written in the Bible, and consequently it is possible to assume that brick pyramids have been constructed in ancient Egypt during the Crab Age, and monumental pyramidal designs of stone blocks existed before.
However, Khufu and other great pyramids on plateau in Giza too could be constructed of bricks which are made  by means of unknown nowadays technologies and are similar to stone blocks, that some researchers of ancient Egypt approve.
As a result of roasting and action of high temperatures there was an intensive disintegration of radioactive isotopes of carbon and as a result the radiocarbon method in researches of historical events shows the deformed age of materials of which the Great Pyramid of Khufu is constructed.

Anyhow, but the human civilization developed incorrectly as a result of construction of the Babel Tower, because people saw immortality in own names and also in the Pharaoh title, and consequently construction of a tower has been stopped.
People wished to hold in remembrance themselves in pyramids. Each stone or brick was a symbol of reminiscences about concrete person, and in aggregate set of stones made a monument of collective memory that contradicted individual immortality of people.
In the end of the Crab Age there was the Covenant of the God with Abraham, and it was promised that the God will create from Abraham people in which all peoples will be blessed.
It was transition to the following astrological Epoch of Gemini when people were divided. Namely each nation has been isolated as a result of confusion of languages and began to develop according to individual cultural features, but however the principle of common and general development of human civilization has not been broken, because as a result all peoples should be a single whole.
Epoch of zodiacal sign Gemini - 6 millennium B.C.
Gemini or Twins in astrology are personification of the dual or dichotomizing principle which underlies the world and consists in cultural originalities of peoples, and also in individual distinctions between nations. It is possible to find notions in all world cultures of that time about twins who possessed different characters, and in some cases were opponents or antagonists that is equivalent to confusion of languages and division as a result of which there were distinctions between people.
Each people had a god or set of gods who caused antagonism.
The Bible names grandsons of Abraham as twins. Their names are Esau and Jacob.
Epoch of zodiacal sign Taurus - 4 millennium B.C.
During this historical period many peoples united own gods that led to formation of great cultural-religious societies or communities. The most significant communities of people and pantheons of gods have arisen in India and Egypt, or in Mesopotamia and on island Crete.
Among many gods in each pantheon there was a Supreme deity which image was the Gold Taurus, namely the Minotaur on island Crete, the Bull Apis in Egypt or the Heavenly Cow in India.
Epoch of Taurus in a context of modern history has the name "bronze age", but in a context of the Greek mythology this time is "Golden Age" of a human civilization, that has associations with the Golden Bull and zodiacal sign Taurus in astrology.
Knowledge on gods have been fixed in material forms, and in particular in megalithic monuments of culture, or in the Decalogue which have been written by Moses on stone tables, and also in construction of temples, that is characteristic for zodiacal sign Taurus but it has been carried out during following chronological epoch.
According to biblical chronology to the Taurus Epoch there correspond ages when twelve brothers and sons of Jacob came to live to Egypt and have formed people which has received the name of Israel. Namely there was a formation of Israeli people that is equivalent to formation of other cultural-religious societies all over the world. But in essence in the Bible about this period of time there is no information, namely it is known that Jacob and twelve his sons have come to live to Egypt, and then the story breaks and begins from the moment when Moses has removed Israel from Egypt, that concerns to time of the following historical epoch.
Pay attention that twelve brothers and sons of Jacob are comparable to twelve signs of zodiac and astrological circle according to which pantheons of gods all over the world were formed.
In particular twelve Titans in the Greek mythology are children of Uranus and correspond with zodiacal signs in astrology. And one of titans Cronus was tsar of the Golden Age.
Or twelve heavenly gods Adityas in a context of Vedic mythology correspond to signs of zodiac in astrology.
Look information on Titans of the Greek mythology on pages of other website:
The information on gods of Vedic mythology too look on pages of other website:
And also pay attention that history about twins Esau and Jacob in the Bible is comparable to the astrological epoch of zodiacal sign Gemini, and the history about 12 sons of Jacob is comparable to the Taurus Age. Therefore it is possible to assume that the biblical chronology is not exact historical order of time, but the sequence of generations in the Bible is connected with historical epochs which are derivatives of astronomical precession of the Earth's axis.

Epoch of zodiacal sign Aries - 2 millennium B.C.
To understand events of this epoch it is necessary to read the Bible or books of ancient philosophers and historians who described many doings in detail. This epoch is most near to contemporary time and consequently many books and historical artifacts were kept.
During this historical period there were civilization of the Ancient Greece and pantheon of the Greek mythological gods which were derivatives from the Minoan culture. In India there was Hinduism derivative of the ancient Vedic mythology, and in China there was the philosophy of Taoism and Confucian religion derivatives from ancient Chinese mythology, and also there was the Buddhism. There was the Persian reign or otherwise to tell Babylon, and then Alexander the Great state and Roman empire.
The general idea of all world religions was a victory of mankind over forces of the nature and similarity of people to gods. And also the common tendency of development of world cultures was aspiration to autocracy of one tsar or emperor who was considered as equal to gods or as a divine image on the Earth, that corresponds to characteristics of zodiacal sign Aries in a context of astrology, and is an essential attribute of Egyptian pharaohs or Roman emperors.
But key idea in the general development of human civilization was comprehension of the One God, that in view of Bible's scribers has been realized as a result of Exodus of Jews from Egypt and formation of the Israeli state, and also as a result of construction of the Jerusalem temple.
The Aries Age was cardinal time as in end of this epoch there was possible comprehension of individual immortality of people, namely the religious-cultural basis for Jesus Christ's birth has been prepared, as not only bible prophets but also philosophy of Taoism in China or mythology of Zoroaster in Persia approved idea about immortal essence of human soul, and also world cultures waited significant psycho-physiological changes as a result of which individual immortality becomes possible, and in essence some of people expected the birth of Christ.
At the end of this epoch three or other number of Wise Men or Magi from the east or otherwise to tell astrologists went to Jerusalem to see the birth of Christ who will change laws of the universe and will be the catalyst of psycho-physiological changes during which mankind as a whole and each person separately can find immortality, that during following astrological Pisces Age became doubtless not only for wise men, but for many people.
Epoch of zodiacal sign Pisces - New Era.
In the beginning of this Age there was the birth of Christ, and also Transfiguration and Ascension of his body, that has shown people valid psycho-physiological potential of their own bodies and souls.
This event became the beginning of Christianity and development of human civilization according to psycho-physiological changes which were made as a result of Transfiguration and Ascension of the Christ's body, because immortality of people became possible. But psycho-physiological changes were partial as there was possible immortality of souls, and many other potential capabilities have not been realized. It is possible to tell that there was the christening of mankind by water, but the christening by Spirit of Truth and fire will be in the future during following epochs of development, that Ioann Krestitel or John the Forerunner of Christ spoke that is written in Gospel of Matthew in 3rd chapter.
Namely the christening by Spirit of Truth will be during Epoch of Aquarius, and the christening by fire should be during the Capricorn Age, about what look the information on following pages.
Other cultural events of the Pisces Age are derivatives from psycho-physiological transformations caused by the birth of Christ. In particular philosophers in a context of Hinduism began to speak about individual immortality of human souls that never was earlier as everlasting undying was not possible before. Or theologians in the Buddhism began to speak about possible undying of souls, though initially the Buddha did not speak about immortality, but he aspired to an output outside of the existing universe that is essentially impossible for people.
More detailed information about Indian and Buddhist philosophical concepts look on pages of this website in section which has the name: half faces (concepts 2).
Actually cultural-religious notions of all previous periods of history have been displayed in events of the Pisces Age, namely there were religions and philosophical doctrines which corresponded to the last stages of mankind progression. But philosophers considered new realities and adapted old knowledge for modern outlook of people that caused occurrence of false or otherwise to tell erroneous philosophical and religious doctrines in the event that people did not understand true sense of the birth of Jesus Christ.
But however key concepts for evolution of mankind have been formulated and became clear in a context of Christian religious philosophy, that is necessary for the further development as now we live in the end of chronological Epoch of Pisces before next Era or New Age of Aquarius when there will be new events and human civilization will reach the new stage of psycho-physiological progression.

The following page results ratio of chronological cycles of the planet Uranus and signs on the canon I Ching in a context of astrology with some events and calendar numbers of the biblical chronology.