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precession of the planet Earth and historical epochs


Astrological ages and religious notions of human civilization.
The third page considers precession of the planet Earth, and also historical epochs and astronomical eras as astrological time scale according to which the human civilization develops.

The information about precession of Earth's axis and ages of human civilization can be interesting to astrologers who calculate chronological ratio of zodiacal signs with history of mankind, and also to historians who calculate dates of ancient cultures.


Precession of the Earth and ages of human civilization.
Astrological changes in religious notions of mankind.

Precession (from Latin praecessio - "advance") is an oscillatory movement which results from rotation of the Earth around own axis. The Earth's axis during oscillatory fluctuation makes circular movement and changes own direction which is projected on heavenly sphere and specifies different signs on the zodiac in space of astrological circle which is symbolical display of heavens.
The phenomenon of precession was discovered on 133 years before new era by Gipparh the Alexandria astronomer and astrologist. Though precession movement of the Earth's axis could be known earlier in astrology, but nevertheless the contemporary knowledge of this phenomenon in astronomy at the first time was fixed by Gipparh.
The Earth's axis rounds all zodiacal circle of astrological ages during 25920 years, and passes one zodiac sign during 2160 years (25920/12=2160). These are approximate numbers which were calculated by ancient Greek philosopher Plato to discover time of existence of human civilization. Namely Plato lived earlier than Gipparh and consequently he calculated time of civilization and did not mean the astronomical phenomenon of precession.
The basis of Plato's calculations is division of astrological circle into five parts 360/5=72 and multiplication 72x360=25920. But actually numbers of Plato approximately correspond with the precession projection of the Earth's axis on astrological circle, namely this astronomical and astrological phenomenon has other numerical values, and consequently numbers of Plato are conditional as a matter of fact. But nevertheless Plato has calculated approximate chronological duration of Earth epochs and astrological ages. Namely Plato has calculated that one epoch is a time interval having duration of 2160 years, that is approximately equal to a timing during which precession projection of the Earth's axis passes one sign of the zodiac, that is 25920/12=2160.
Or it is possible to assume that Plato knew about precession and may be he calculated approximate numerical values for this phenomenon of astronomy.
Now the direction of terrestrial Earth's axis is projected on the zodiac sign Pisces and shortly should come nearer to border of zodiacal sign Aquarius. Therefore it is considered that the astrological age or epoch of Pisces should come to end, and the Aquarius Era or otherwise to tell the New Age of Aquarius should begin.
Epochs are milestones of history or starting-points when Eras begin, but usually these two words are considered as synonyms. Namely it is possible to speak as Epoch or Era of Aquarius, or it is possible to name as the Age of Aquarius, that have identical sense in ordinary understanding.
Scientists and researchers of history usually think that the most ancient civilization existed in the Leo Epoch, that corresponds to time when precession of the Earth's axis was directed to the zodiacal sign Leo. Though actually the history of contemporary human civilization is more ancient, namely the chronology of mankind began in epochs or astrological ages of zodiacal signs Virgo and Libra, but nevertheless the Leo age is the most remote and known ancient civilization, that is shown on the chart.

chart of historical epochs and eras with signs of zodiac or astrological ages The astrological circle includes 12 zodiac signs but the chart shows 7 chronological eras which correspond with known historical epochs.
Pay attention that seven historical epochs are known as number seven is optimum quantity of any objects which can be actual in memory of people, that is caused by features of a human mind.
Now the Epoch of Aquarius only begins, and consequently actually contemporary people remember about six historical ages, that is equal to half of astrological circle.


Precession projection of the Earth's axis goes on astrological circle clockwise and specifies changes of epochs in process of moving on zodiacal signs. Changes of astrological ages and historical epochs cause cultural and psycho-physiological modifications which occur during development of human civilization.
Properties of historical ages and features of psychological modifications of mankind are connected with characteristics of zodiacal signs in a context of astrology.
Astrological age of the zodiacal sign Virgo.
Civilization of this historical era possessed religious and cultural notions which are animism and fetishism. Namely people worshipped to spirits which existed in objects and subjects of world around. Or otherwise to tell mankind animated natural phenomena.
Astrological age of the zodiacal sign Leo.
Religious notions of this era were expressed in totemic animals, namely in worship animalistic totems as to a source of physical energy of a human life. The image of a lion or Leo was a totem of civilization which was personified with fantastic sphinxes with bodies of lions and heads of people, and also mythological goddesses with female bodies and lion's faces.
The mankind perceived physiological unity of people and animals.
Astrological age of the zodiacal sign Crab.
Key religious notion of this historical period in development of human civilization consist in a cult of ancestors, and epochal symbol was the Scarab beetle who also is the symbolical image of zodiac sign Crab.
The Scarab beetle in ancient Egypt personified regeneration of a life and revival of mankind in new generations of people, or otherwise to tell preservation of memory about past times by embodiment of former generations in descendants. As mythological image of the Scarab beetle is the god Khepri who rolls solar ball over a firmament of heavenly sphere, who also personifies the sun which daily revives at morning dawns.
Astrological age of the zodiacal sign Gemini.
Religious consciousness of people during this era has reached understanding about divine origin of a life, because the symbol of this zodiacal sign are cosmic twins who have gone down from the sky or were born on the Earth, but in any case they have arisen as a result of supernatural events from a space egg. Namely people have realized psycho-physiological distinctions of human souls and other animated phenomena of physical nature, that differs from the Virgo Age or epoch when people felt divine presence of a life which penetrates the world as a uniform soul of all alive essences and natural phenomena.
At this time in consciousness of people there was notions about dual nature of the universe, that subsequently became basic concept of Tao philosophy.
Astrological age of the zodiacal sign Taurus.
This epoch was time of animalistic or zoomorphic gods who had a nature of animals and people, but who personified heavenly essences which were embodied in living on the Earth.
Mystical image of this historical epoch was the Minotaur or a man with a bull head, and also mythological bull Apis in ancient Egypt, and many other animal deities. But general image was the Gold Taurus or otherwise to tell a cumulative idol of mythological gods which formed pantheons of the Minoan culture or Indo-European civilization according to which in the subsequent ages there were pantheons of anthropomorphic or humanoid gods in India or Ancient Greece.
At this time people have realized psycho-physiological distinctions of people and animals, and also gods and people, that differs from religious notions during the Leo Age when the mankind felt indivisible nature of a life. Namely there was new notion about possible embodiments of divine essences in bodies of animals and people, that in the next ages of human civilization has allowed to understand the birth of Jesus Christ as the son of man.
Astrological age of the zodiacal sign Aries.
This epoch was historical time when image of a man began to prevail above images of animals, when people won animal gods and became immortal heroes. It is possible to tell that it was the chronological period of time when gods found human shapes and descended to the Earth, and people became similar to deities as a result of heroic acts.
Key mythological characters of this epoch are Theseus who won the Minotaur, and also the bible Moses who broken idols of the Gold Taurus, that corresponds with disappearance of Minoan culture and occurrence of Greek civilization, and also with origin of religion of the One God who is unique and is not connected with cults of animalistic or zoomorphic gods.
Zodiacal image of this epoch is Aries which personifies heroism and self-sacrifice, as a lamb is a sacrificial animal whose death is the statement of belief in immortality.
At this time there were religious notions about individual immortality which is possible as a result of fulfillments of heroic acts and self-sacrifice, or as a result of metamorphoses and transformations of human essence by means of magic medicines. In particular there were legends about eight immortal men in China, or the Greek myths about heroes who are taken by gods on the sky and who were immortal owing to divine nectar of eternal life, and also other mythological histories, that differs from the Crab Age when conceivable concepts of immortality was revival of a life in future generations and preservation of living information in memory of descendants.
Astrological age of the zodiacal sign Pisces.
This historical epoch has been marked by the birth of Jesus Christ. Namely development of human civilization to this time has reached border when people could understand the valid sense of human immortality which has been shown in resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. But the understanding was incomplete as during the Pisces Age there were philosophical and religious sights according to which the prime target of existence is aspiration to the absolute and junction to uniform spiritual source of a life.
In particular the prime target in Hindu philosophy is junction of consciousness to the absolute, or the purpose of Buddhism corresponds with overcoming border of the universe and disappearance of consciousness. And also the prime target of a life considers as connection of soul with the God according to concepts of some Christian philosophers, that is not true but necessary stage of knowledge at development of human civilization.
Besides during this epoch there were philosophical concepts of Taoism about harmony of discrete forces Yang and Yin, that differs from the Gemini Age when there were ideas about dual nature of the universe and antagonism of cosmic twins.
Actually religious notions about the One God as a source of human existence were generated during the Pisces Age, and also there were ideas about junction to absolute consciousness of the God if discrete forces of soul are united in a single whole by mental harmony, that corresponds to the doctrine of Taoism and to concepts of some Christian philosophers, but all it is not high-grade knowledge which will be open to mankind during following New Age of Aquarius.
Already now in the end of Pisces Epoch before the Aquarius Age many people realize perspectives of development and future psycho-physiological potential of mankind, but the great bulk of civilization has defective notion about divine true.
Astrological age of the zodiacal sign Aquarius.
Early to speak about development of religion and culture during this historical period as terms of the Aquarius Age have not come yet, but in view of astrology and values of zodiacal signs it should be time for understanding of the Spirit of Truth and comprehension of the Divine Trinity.
In 14 and 16 chapters in John's gospel it is written about Spirit of Truth which has descended on apostles, but also it is written about Spirit of Truth which should come in New Age of Aquarius to remind about told by Jesus Christ.
The Spirit of Truth will not speak parables as the Christ, but he will tell about immortality openly and the future will announce to people, namely he will speak according to contemporary scientific and philosophical notions about the universe, and also he will tell about the future development of human civilization.
He will not create new religious concepts, but will take from told by the Christ and will express according to contemporary information which is accessible to intellectual possibilities of mankind.
In total religious notions of all previous epochs will be accumulated in the Aquarius Age, but comprehension of human soul true and Divine Trinity will be establishing. As during development of civilization there is a mixture of former religious sights with new, and also there is a preliminary formation of philosophical ideas for which time still has not come but which will be essential to mankind in the future.
During development there are spasmodic processes as a result of which notions of people about world around change that is possible to explain by direct intervention of the God in evolution. Therefore it is possible to assume that in the beginning of the Aquarius Age there will be events intensifying development.
Probably, spasmodic changes will be in the environment of separate people or social groups, and the great bulk of mankind will hold in remembrance the last epochs, but will make cultural changes in process of actualization of occurring evolution. It will be necessary because as a result of development there are insignificant or sometimes significant mistakes, or otherwise to tell false perspectives which can be corrected only in the event that memory of last epochs is not broken.
General whole of human civilization evolution is very diverse, namely is caused by different cultural features of those or other social communities, and as a matter of fact is consequence of ideological distinctions. But common evolution of civilization aspires to one result in the long term perspective, and actually there is the uniform plan to which people follow with a greater or smaller degree of correctness.
Now occurring cultural and historical processes accumulate memory of all last epochs, that brakes development in some cases, but in the general set of world religions it is possible to see the common string of cultural-religious changes which have the overall aim.
Religious and cultural developments of nations are actual as a result of complex historical processes, and consequently I can not speak more about it to not tell something incorrect. But on pages of this website section there are charts and conclusions according to which it is possible to understand questions of this theme. According to the shown charts it is possible to see development of different nations, and also it is possible to analyze cultural parallels in history of various countries and states.
Duration of historical epochs and eras coincides with the precession fluctuation of the Earth's axis, and consequently evolution or otherwise to tell changes of psycho-physiological conditions of mankind are an original chronological scale which corresponds with zodiac signs in space of astrological circle and symbols of the Chinese Book of Changes I Ching. Hence, signs of hexagrams and hexagonal symbols can be considered as a chart or mathematical image of astro-psychophysical matrix according to which there is the evolutional development of mankind.

The following page shows the chart of astrological ages in human civilization development according to Bible chronology.